List of exhibitors in Montréal

Association Manger Santé Bio

The Association Manger Santé Bio is a non-profit organization that educates about healthy, local, vegetal, ethical and organic food through our newsletter, exhibitions and educational tables.

Cuisines Multiplex Inc

Cuisines Multiplex Inc

Cuisines Multiplex is a specialized design studio in ecologic fitted furniture. We design inspiring concepts which enhance your daily life and maximize your space potential. We can help with house re-modeling, kitchens, bathrooms, or your dream project of any kind ! Our key services develop your project from the original idea to its utmost realization. We aim for long-term strategies built of sound and ecological materials. We promote local craftsmanship and materials.

Curiosité alimentaire inc.

At Curiosité alimentaire inc., you will discover a number of imported Sicilian Italian products that are exclusive to us including: organic Arita olive oil, orange marmalade and organic blood orange marmalade. In addition, you will love our Bronte pistachio crunch.

Divine Essence

Diffusing well-being since 1994, Divine Essence® is a Quebec brand offering more than 300 natural products of superior quality, the majority certified organic: essential oils, ready-to-use essential oil based remedies, floral waters, beauty oils, accessories and much more. Distillation of essential oils from Quebec and global importation.

Rolland Bougie

I've been converting diesel and gasoline tractors into environmentally friendly electric tractors since 2012. Today, six tractors run on electricity. Some work all day. Market gardeners use these tractors to be organic and 100% ecological. To view the video, go to our home land, Valérie Campeau and Yan Gordan de Sutton, market gardener, who works all day with his electric tractor. To become competitive, you must switch to electricity.

Pascal Service Promotionnel

Promotional products distributor that specialize in "made in Canada" and "eco friendly" products. Every time a customer asks for a suggestion or a quote, we propose a classic product and another proposition that would be less damaging for the environment. This way, each customer can make a decision, knowing the price difference and how to make a better decision thanks to less damaging products that carry powerful marketing impact at the same time.


We are a company that specializes in food self-sufficiency and biodiversity protection through its various services and products.

Duck truck MTL

Duck truck Mtl offers a menu based on duck products. From salads to sandwiches to desserts, we offer healthy, local and original food!

Habitat Multi Générations

You are seeking an affordable and healthy environment in which to live? You are seeking to increase your housing, food and economic self sufficiency? Then move in on a sustainable housing project in nature provided by Habitat Multi Generations. Private land lots for ecological multifunctional and evolutive houses ranging from 350 to 800 sq.ft. for between 100 000 $ and 160 000 $ everything included. Locations leased and sold for moveable Tiny Houses on wheels and on stilts. Project under development : Lantier between Ste-Agathe-des-Monts and St-Donat, 90 min. from Montreal Other projects to come in other regions of Quebec.



20Douze is specialized in renovation and a certified EcoEntrepreneur. We want to make a difference by focusing on health, quality and sustainability for our clients and their projects, as well as for future generations.

Évolution Radon

Évolution Radon

Radon Evolution is specialized in raising awareness, measuring and mitigating radon gas. It also provides training to professionals. Radon Evolution holds a certificate from the Canadian - National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP-C).