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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Ecosphere is to inform and educate the public about the environmental challenges that affect us collectively and to offer sustainable answers to reduce our ecological footprint.

Through the organization of the most important ecological festival, the objective is to create a place of meeting and exchange where alternatives, products, services, organizations and technologies are highlighted, for our health and that of the planet. Together it is possible to change the world!

Our vision by 2024

Between now and 2024, ECOSPHERE Group aims to create new places and opportunities for the dissemination, exchange and marketing of eco-alternatives: products, services, organizations and technologies for our health and that of the planet. As part of its Social Involvement Policy, ECOSPHERE Group aims to leave a lasting environmental legacy in the areas where the fairs take place by :

  • contributing to the mission of local organizations and by organizing local environmental protection actions ;
  •  offering added value to eco-entrepreneurs with regional development organizations, entrepreneurship support and socio-financing platforms.

As such, with respect to the accelerator projects, within 5 years, Groupe ÉCOSPHÈRE aims to evolve as follows:

  •  Complementing existing entrepreneurial support organizations as well as technical, commercial and financial experts in eco-entrepreneurship, and taking advantage of the momentum created by the fairs in several major cities in Quebec, ECOSPHERE Group will offer integrated services for each cohort of eco-entrepreneurs; coaching, access to socio-financing and training on the specific aspects of eco-entrepreneurship

(e.g. life cycle analysis, biomaterials, circular economy, impact assessment), as well as specific aspects of fundraising campaigns (filming, editing and video broadcasting of fundraising campaigns) ;

  •  ECOSPHERE Group will develop a course on eco-entrepreneurship complementary to the course Launching a business3 and will distribute it to all school boards in Quebec through Entrepreneuriat Québec. The Business Start-Up course is recognized for financial assistance by the Ministry of Education.

Once the eco-entrepreneurship acceleration cohorts through socio-financing are up and running and the eco-entrepreneurship courses are disseminated, ECOSPHERE Group will create an eco-entrepreneurship accelerator and incubator4 in collaboration with entrepreneurial support organizations, technical, business and financial experts with expertise in eco-entrepreneurship

Thus, by 2024, ECOSPHERE Group will have :

    1. Facilitated access to socio-financing for more than 100 eco-companies that will have raised a total of over $2 million in sales;
    2. Allowed to maintain or create more than 100 jobs throughout Quebec;
    3. Enabled several hundred eco-entrepreneurs to develop their eco-entrepreneurship skills and obtain an ASP diploma from the Ministry of Education;
    4. Enabled more than 100 eco-entrepreneurs to participate in acceleration cohorts and more than 100 eco-entrepreneurs to benefit from project incubation services.

Discover the actors of the ecological transition!

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