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Projet Esteban voiture solaire
Projet Esteban voiture solaire
The Esteban project aims to push the limits of engineering while highlighting the importance of renewable energies. Esteban is a student project aimed at designing and manufacturing a solar-powered vehicle. The goal is to produce a new prototype every two years. It aims to put into practice the notions learned in class at Polytechnique Montréal, regardless of the course of study in which the members are registered. To do this, a team made up of motivated, curious and passionate students does countless research and tests in order to obtain, at each iteration, the most efficient vehicle possible to compete against the biggest universities.

Address : 2685, avenue de Kent, app 205
City : Montréal
Province : Québec
Email : marierouillard9@gmail.com
Phone : 514-913-4486
Web site : esteban.polymtl.ca/
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