List of exhibitors in Magog



Huplaso is a unique rock dust which guarantees the addition of at least 57 macro, micro and trace elements to your soil, improving plant yield by more than 35%. This product for organic use is a mineralizer and a liming product with a high level of paramagnetism, bringing several advantages to agriculture. Huplaso is extracted from a canadian basalt quarry, with distinctive properties, located in New-Brunswick. As our deposit is unique, our product is incomparable. Our production chain does not use any chemicals in order to provide farmers a 100% natural mineralizer.


EcoSelection is a company that specializes in the manufacture of eco-friendly furniture and oils. The Dream Bed, known since 1993 for its energetic, ecological and sustainable design as well as the natural and non-toxic oils used to protect wood, have made the name of the company that now ships its products all over the world. The tiny team works every piece and every recipe with as much love and good intentions as on the first day. Nancy Brunet, owner, develops with you affordable custom furniture and designs.

Curiosité alimentaire inc.

At Curiosité alimentaire inc., you will discover a number of imported Sicilian Italian products that are exclusive to us including: organic Arita olive oil, orange marmalade and organic blood orange marmalade. In addition, you will love our Bronte pistachio crunch.

Divine Essence

Diffusing well-being since 1994, Divine Essence® is a Quebec brand offering more than 300 natural products of superior quality, the majority certified organic: essential oils, ready-to-use essential oil based remedies, floral waters, beauty oils, accessories and much more. Distillation of essential oils from Quebec and global importation.

Rolland Bougie

I've been converting diesel and gasoline tractors into environmentally friendly electric tractors since 2012. Today, six tractors run on electricity. Some work all day. Market gardeners use these tractors to be organic and 100% ecological. To view the video, go to our home land, Valérie Campeau and Yan Gordan de Sutton, market gardener, who works all day with his electric tractor. To become competitive, you must switch to electricity.

Tchaga Kombucha

Tchaga Kombucha has been brewing kombucha for a few years now in the Eastern Townships. Kombucha is an healthy beverage, helpful for digestion and for the immune system. Also, chaga is added to every flavors. Chaga grows in Québec's forests and is used for its antioxydant properties. Tchaga Kombucha offers its kombucha in a 500ml format, but is well known for offering kombucha on tap. Following the Zero Waste principles, it is possible to obtain their kombucha, in bulk and reuse the same bottle every time. Their kombucha is available in different cities across Québec.

Pascal Service Promotionnel

Promotional products distributor that specialize in "made in Canada" and "eco friendly" products. Every time a customer asks for a suggestion or a quote, we propose a classic product and another proposition that would be less damaging for the environment. This way, each customer can make a decision, knowing the price difference and how to make a better decision thanks to less damaging products that carry powerful marketing impact at the same time.

Lise Leroux, Leader Exécutive Principale des Ventes Norwex

Norwex is a company that has the mission to eliminate chemicals from our environments.

Asinerie les ânes en culotte

"Les ânes en culotte" is a breeding place of dairy donkeys. We specialize in the production of natural cosmetics with donkey milk and essential oils and in the breeding and education of young donkeys. Our approach is multi-faceted. We value sustainable development, responsible agriculture on a human scale, and are always concerned and endeavour to offer our animals living conditions which are respectful of their nature and their needs. Our cosmetics are formulated naturally, and produced in a traditional way, from high quality raw materials.

Ferme Terre d’abondance

Ferme Terre d’abondance

Ferme Terre d'Abondance is an innovative company based on the philosophy of regenerative agriculture. Products and services offered: - rare and edible plants, -medicinal plants, -landscaping services inspired by permaculture, -seasonal medicinal baskets, -work excavation, -workshops/training

Vivianne Martel

I am an Amway Independent Business Owner. I will introduce you to our eSpring® UV Water Purifier. eSpring™ is the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems. In addition to dramatic improvements in taste, odor, and clarity, eSpring is capable of destroying more than 99.9% of disease-causing microorganisms and effectively reduces over 140 potential health-effect contaminants. Based on Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.