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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in Quebec fair

Copps & casami inc

Jacqueline Samaniego design is a company that presents the design of clothing useful and practical for the women.

Invocation Canada

We offer 100% natural perfumes and products based on essential oils made in Quebec. These fragrances are a secret mix between the technique of the Graces perfumers and a traditional ancestral process. You will discover our 2 essentials: purifying and energizing, proven for more than 20 years. The 5 elements, body perfumes, will be very interesting for the management of emotions. We also have a Body Care range with shower gel, bath salts, cream and massage oil for daily well-being. Contest and promotion on site! Hope to meet you ! +1 418 843 8777 invocation@invocation.ca https://invocation.ca/

Jean Provencher – Agent de changement social

Climate crisis. Pollution. Resource depletion. Biodiversity. Social inequalities. These environmental and social issues mark us. We know the origin, the impacts and the solutions. As an agent of social change, author and speaker, I offer you nearly 40 years of social commitment and professional experience. Master these issues. Keep hope. Realize our power. Apply the solutions. Conferences, events, seminars, practical workshops are offered on various themes. In addition, TO BE, TO THINK AND TO ACT DIFFERENTLY is an exceptional and human work. A powerful tool for information and transformation. This 5-volume box set, very accessible, leads us to make a difference. Its sales finance humanitarian projects.

La Fresque du Climat

Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. Climate Fresk data : 1 000,000+ participants in the world 40,000+ volunteers including 350 in Quebec 45 languages

Next Chance

Next Chance designs eco-friendly gift wraps that preserve traditions and bring joy. Its first mission is to reduce waste! To do so, Next Chance follows the circular economy's concept: we rescued fabrics that would otherwise have ended up in waste to manufacture our products.


Oxfam-Québec is a dynamic organisation of dedicated people working together for a world without poverty. People are front and centre in all of their activities. Oxfam-Québec carry out development projects, they work to save lives through the delivery of emergency humanitarian assistance, they raise funds to help people and communities in the South, they campaign for lasting change, and they rally the youth of Québec to take action.

Produits Seconde Nature

Second Nature Products is a company that works in the manufacture of kitchen and household products in wood (walnut) with the aim of offering an alternative to plastic and other harmful materials with unique, eco-responsible products made entirely in Quebec, in a sustainable development approach. All products are imagined, designed and manufactured by ourselves.

Saatvik Cuisine Végé Inc

Supplier of a range of 100% vegan products based on vegetable proteins with flavors from around the world. The products are frozen and made with top quality organic ingredients, without additives and tasty. SAATVIK VEGGIE CUISINE, THESE ARE PRODUCTS: • 100% vegan • Ethnic, high quality and comforting • Tasty – no need to add a condiment • Easy to prepare and incorporate into a meal • Frozen – they keep for a very long time • Available in bulk or vacuum packed • Without preservative • And above all, made with love for your well-being and that of the planet. Tofu Tandoori pancakes, Vegetable and tofu pancakes, Potato pancakes and 3 legumes, Tofu sticks and Vegetable and tofu dumplings.

Thermographie GG

We show you what you don't see Thermography can target energy losses to save your money and preserve the health of our planet. Thermography by infrared camera illustrates the temperature differences. Thermography allows repairs at lower cost and fire prevention by detecting overheating of electrical components.

Une Carte à la Fois

Everyone will need a few greeting cards over the course of a year. Birthday, Shower, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day etc. Plus, our cards are made from 100% recycled paper and are plantable. Inside the paper are wildflower or herb seeds. So once the person has read the card, they can plant it and a pretty bouquet of wildflowers will come to grow.

Vivre en Ville

In the fall of 2021, Vivre en Ville launched Reduce our footprint, a large-scale campaign to raise awareness among citizens to strive for greater energy sobriety. Reducing our footprint is a change of perspective, another way of understanding our habits, to stop suffering from climate change and above all, to gain in quality of life. The place where we live and the way we move are https://www.instagram.com/reduirenotreempreinte/ what has the most impact on the energy footprint: Reducing our footprint offers actions, with small or large commitments, to guide the evolution of our lifestyles, on an individual AND collective scale. Come meet us!
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