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GROUPÉ Mauricie + Rive-Sud
GROUPÉ Mauricie + Rive-Sud
GROUPÉ Mauricie Rive-Sud is the essential hub of economic development for the region. Our mission is to mobilize and promote local businesses in order to accelerate regional growth and create collective value. We work essentially on four strategic axes: the mobilization of the entrepreneurial community; attraction and promotion; innovation and value creation; and development and partnership. The green technologies sector table is particularly active with members from a wide variety of sectors such as water management, air quality, biomass and many others. The mission of this table is to energize the ecosystem of green technologies in our region in order to catalyze our know-how and our impact for the benefit of the global economy.

Address : 6110, rue Christophe-Pélissier
City : Trois-Rivières
Province : Québec
Email : m.thibault@fondsecoleader.ca
Phone : 873 255-4003
Web site : techvertes.ca/
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