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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in Montréal


Young industrialist at the heart of its production specialized in ecological cleaning. Working on our formulations as well as our innovations for more than 5 years in our laboratory in St-Lazare. Our goal is to be able to get to the source of our raw materials, better understand where they come from, better educate on the innovations of our industry and, if necessary, work in a circular economy with local farmers to make available our products made with resources from our lands.

Alte Coop

Alte Coop, the first engineering cooperative in Quebec, was founded in 2017 and brings together more than a dozen engineers who care about people and the environment. Its members specialize in the areas of green building, resilient housing and the design of passive solar greenhouses.

Aquaverti Farms

We are the first commercial high tech, hydroponic vertical farm in Quebec, located in the heart of Ville St-Laurent, Montreal. Our mission is to bring farming closer to people, reducing food waste by offering the freshest products, harvest daily while eliminating pesticides from the food we consume and love. We currently grow Kale, Romain, Green leaf lettuce, Boston Lettuce, Arugula and a variety of herbs all without any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, and non GMO. We are proud to use 94% less water than traditional agriculture, and produce zero GHG and CO2 during production, as well as our packaging is made from 2.5 recycled bottles of water and is recyclable in itself.

Bateau bateau

Bateau Bateau strives to help people adopt new eco-friendly solutions so that we all have a greater quality of life. Thus, the company provides easy-to-use reusable hygiene products for a smooth transition. Come and discover their bidets, their reusable toilet paper rolls and soft tissues. Because small gestures start in the comfort of everyone's home.


Belvedair is a company specialized in ecological construction that offers different services: Architecture, Ecoconstruction, Land. A team that relies on listening and expertise for 10 years, to build unique and inspiring ecological habitats from the first sketches. We build well-designed, high-quality homes. And all this with respect to the environment, our clients' needs and their budget.


BocoBoco is a zero waste grocery store based on the returnable container system and we deliver to homes using ecological transport. The mission is to simplify and support the transition to a zero waste lifestyle through a grocery store accessible to all.

Carbonized Mineral Climate Solutions

Carbonized is transforming the frontier of direct air carbon capture utilization and storage by capturing carbon in synthetic magnesium carbonate. Carbon dioxide is captured and bonded to magnesium, then is used to create products for industrial purposes or athletic applications, such as rock climbing. Globally, the magnesium carbonate industry is forecast to reach $11 billion USD by 2025, with most of that capital used to purchase magnesite from outside North America that is mined using unsustainable methods, creating large amounts of waste that contaminate the surrounding countryside. Carbonized will provide an eco-friendly, safe, and high-quality alternative to mined magnesite that is made with carbon capture and seawater. Both of which are sourced near where our chalk is produced and won't require the high carbon cost of shipping.

CHARBONE Corporation

Having the climate emergency at the heart of its concerns, the CHARBONE group is fully committed to the energy transition and contributes through its expertise and innovative technologies to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The group supports and anticipates the deep evolution in the energy industry and is fully committed to the production and distribution of green hydrogen, produced from renewable energies. CHARBONE is an integrated operator with an international dimension. Its experts use new technological solutions to optimize production costs and improve the energy performance of each of its projects.


We are CycloChrome - An NPO, social economy enterprise and an organization fighting against school dropout through bicycle mechanics. In particular, we are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the City of Montreal's BIXI bicycle fleet as well as the SPVM's bicycle fleet. We also offer a training service in bicycle mechanics to individuals and companies in parallel with an AEP in bicycle mechanics set up in partnership with the CSSDM. In addition to offering training, we have a mobile repair service in the company where we can come and maintain and repair your employees' bicycles. Recently, CycloChrome opened a diagnostic and repair division for motors of electrically assisted bicycles. (VAE)


Our mission: To contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of people and communities within the compatible limits of its field of activity: - by continually developing an integrated cooperative network of secure and profitable financial services, owned and administered by the members, as well as a network of complementary financial organizations with competitive returns, controlled by the members; - by educating people, particularly members, officers and employees, about democracy, economics, solidarity, and individual and collective responsibility.

Ecolosynergy inc.

Ecolo Synergy is a 12 years old family business that offers various eco-friendly products for the building industry. Our main product is our Low-E nano-membrane for existing windows. Our product works similar to a LOW-E window, however, we can apply it to your existing windows. Our membrane reflects up to 95% of the infrared (heat) to the outside during the summer and help keep the heat (infrared) inside during the long winter nights.


Écorce promotes sustainable clothing through a selection of comfortable outfits inspired by Chinese and Japanese fashion, all made from organic fabrics and naturally dyed in soothing earth tones. Respecting the principles of slow-living and wabi-sabi - emphasizing comfort and naturalness, recognizing imperfection as a source of beauty, and valuing individuals and their sensitivity in daily life - these pieces offer a wealth of nuances in tones and textures that allow each and everyone, body and soul, to feel good. Discover and support eco-responsible practices in fashion, processes in harmony with the Earth that shelters us all.

EKOLOJI (9467-7937 Québec Inc.)

EKOLOJI is a clothing and fashion brand that uses upcycling and organic plant fabrics. The accessories are built with parts from the automotive and/or aeronautical industry. Each product is developed and analyzed to have the least impact on the environment. The ecological evaluation is conveyed, so it is possible to know the quantity of liters of water and GHG avoided for each item. In addition, the design, development, upcycling regeneration and production are done in their workshop located in the small village of Hudson in Quebec. The collection offers an alternative to consumers concerned about the footprint they leave behind. Choosing EKOLOJI is taking a step towards a fashion of the future!

Énergie Solaire Québec

Énergie Solaire Québec is the only independent non-profit organization to promote renewable energies in Quebec since 1983. By assuming the role of intermediary between the consumer / public user and corporate actors, ÉSQ's primary mission is to inform, to educate and make all Quebecers aware of the optimal use of energy resources and to promote the emergence in Quebec of the green energy sector.

Énergie Volthium

Volthium mission is to manufacture and distribute energy storage products (lithium batteries) of impeccable quality, durable and perfectly adapted to our climate and to the needs of its customers at highly competitive prices. Whether it is through our exclusive designs, or through the constant integration of innovations, Volthium guarantees its customers absolute satisfaction and an assurance that their investment will be profitable. We are the pioneers in the implementation of self-heating batteries in Canada, which compensates for a weakness of lithium technology that cannot be recharged when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. Volthium is proud to influence the direction of the energy storage industry, to drive innovation throughout the battery manufacturing community!


Created in December 2019, Exocet is a team regrouping students from Polytechnique Montréal that are interested in design and innovations in the maritime industry. The group is composed of 36 members from diverse engineering backgrounds, such as mechanical, electrical, software, aerospace, chemical, civil, and physics. Even though our specialties are very different, we all have the same innovative spirit and desire to learn more about the maritime field as well as green technologies. Our project aims to design and build a hydrogen propulsed catamaran in order to compete in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. This championship goal is to promote the development of ecological technologies applied to the maritime industry.

GROUPÉ Mauricie + Rive-Sud

GROUPÉ Mauricie Rive-Sud is the essential hub of economic development for the region. Our mission is to mobilize and promote local businesses in order to accelerate regional growth and create collective value. We work essentially on four strategic axes: the mobilization of the entrepreneurial community; attraction and promotion; innovation and value creation; and development and partnership. The green technologies sector table is particularly active with members from a wide variety of sectors such as water management, air quality, biomass and many others. The mission of this table is to energize the ecosystem of green technologies in our region in order to catalyze our know-how and our impact for the benefit of the global economy.

Groupe PureSphera Inc.

RepairYourFridge recycles and sells replacement parts for refrigerators By buying a recycled fridge part from our online workshop, you encourage the local economy and you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while participating in the circular economy. We are a division of PureSphera Group, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions with its clean technologies by dismantling refrigerated appliances since 2008. That's the reason we have access to thousands of refrigerator parts in stock, even those that manufacturers no longer have available.


Iso-Protek is a circular economy start-up based in Montreal in the sector of recycling aluminum waste to manufacture reusable thermal bags. The company was created on March 4, 2021 to recover thermal tarpaulins from shipping containers for the transport of goods sensitive to thermal variations such as wine and sparkling water. Currently in Montreal, more than 8,000 thermal tarps of 40ft by 24ft are incinerated after a single use. This is the equivalent of 9 Olympic swimming pools of wasted aluminum per year! Iso-Protek aims to revolutionize the world of eco-responsible meal kit delivery!


One step at a time, we are helping to build a healthier and ultimately stronger world; both structurally and socially. At ISOFIB, building differently involves promoting materials technologies based on noble materials, in particular hemp from local agriculture and certified ecological wood.

Jean Provencher – Agent de changement social

Climate crisis. Pollution. Resource depletion. Biodiversity. Social inequalities. These environmental and social issues mark us. We know the origin, the impacts and the solutions. As an agent of social change, author and speaker, I offer you nearly 40 years of social commitment and professional experience. Master these issues. Keep hope. Realize our power. Apply the solutions. Conferences, events, seminars, practical workshops are offered on various themes. In addition, TO BE, TO THINK AND TO ACT DIFFERENTLY is an exceptional and human work. A powerful tool for information and transformation. This 5-volume box set, very accessible, leads us to make a difference. Its sales finance humanitarian projects.


karavel strives to provide the perfect combination between usefulness, quality, and eco friendliness. We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly-life products that can be purchased without worrying about your environmental, social and communal impact. Coffee, soaps, cleaning products, deodorants, each product on our platform is selected according to rigorous criteria, which allows us to offer you the best eco-friendly alternatives to the products you use on a daily basis. Worrying about these things should be on us, not on you.

La Fresque du Climat

Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. Climate Fresk data : 1 000,000+ participants in the world 40,000+ volunteers including 350 in Quebec 45 languages

La Presse

At "Espace La Presse", you will find furniture with integrated USB sockets for telephones, computers and tablets. In short, an ideal relaxation area to recharge your batteries, to make your experience at the salon even more pleasant!

Maryse Leduc Architecte et designer inc

Pioneer in the design of ecological houses, leader in the design of vacation homes in Quebec, winner of numerous prestigious awards, renowned speaker, respected teacher: Maryse Leduc has carved out a solid reputation among her peers and her clientele.

Ministère de Ressources naturelles et des Forêts

Come and meet the MERN experts who will be present at the booth... Quebec has several assets to promote the growth of transportation electrification, including its mineral resources. It's true, Quebec's subsoil is full of precious resources, including lithium, graphite and rare earths, which are used in the manufacture of electric vehicle components. Do you know them?


MYNI is a cleaning and body care products company. The cleaning tablets are made without water and plastic. Their ingredients come from natural sources and are non-toxic. Whether it's home cleaners, the hand soap or any other product, they are all zero waste, effective and safe for families and for the planet!


MySymbiose is a company that specializes in the foraging, production and transformation of non-lignin forest products. We offer a range of high grade medicinal mushroom supplements from the forests of Québec. Our products are offered in a liquid form of extract to dilute in your beverage of choice. Currently we offer 6 different types of extracts aswell as unique one-of-a-kind mushroom art.

Nhance Quebec

We are a premier wood finishing franchise, thriving in a booming home improvement market and making a meaningful social impact. Our finishing process is carried out by specialists, using state-of-the-art finishing methods and technologies. The NHance Quebec finishing process involves minimal wear and tear on wood surfaces, allowing full restoration of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With Nhance, you can refresh the look of your outdated cabinets knowing you're saving the planet with a water-based product. Plus, we plant a tree for every kitchen we renovate.


Norwex is on a mission to radically reduce harmful chemicals in the home by providing an alternative to household cleaning. Products using mainly only water. https://angelinarossi.norwex.biz/en_CA/


Novagrow manufactures and markets the most productive and nutritious indoor gardens on the market.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid offers a commercial spinning bike, made locally, that transforms wasted energy into electricity. It is then used directly in the building's grid, reducing energy consumption in real-time, without the need for batteries or modifications. The bike comes with a mobile app that allows users to view their performance and participate in challenges for which they will be rewarded.

Projet Esteban voiture solaire

The Esteban project aims to push the limits of engineering while highlighting the importance of renewable energies. Esteban is a student project aimed at designing and manufacturing a solar-powered vehicle. The goal is to produce a new prototype every two years. It aims to put into practice the notions learned in class at Polytechnique Montréal, regardless of the course of study in which the members are registered. To do this, a team made up of motivated, curious and passionate students does countless research and tests in order to obtain, at each iteration, the most efficient vehicle possible to compete against the biggest universities.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners

Quantum Lifecycle is both an IT asset disposition (ITAD) company and an end-of-life electronics recycler. Through this strategic pairing of services, we cover every step of the IT disposition process, from data destruction to refurbishment, resale and recycling. We draw on more than 30 years of corporate history to develop customized solutions for our clients. With a keen focus on evolving technology, the changing marketplace and a complex regulatory landscape, our evolution into Quantum reflects our ability to respond to customer needs in a meaningful way.

Soutien en approvisionnement Canada / Programme IDÉeS

Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC), within Public Services and Procurement Canada, seeks to facilitate the participation of small and medium enterprises in federal government tender opportunities and to increase the diversity of suppliers in federal procurement. Website: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/procurement-support-for-businesses Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security is more than just a funding program. We are accelerating concepts and propelling solutions forward, building a defence innovation ecosystem. Website: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/programs/defence-ideas.html


Sunamp's Thermino thermal batteries make homes more energy efficient and sustainable by efficiently storing heat to provide high-flow instant hot water on demand. Thermino contains a Phase Change Material (PCM) Plentigrade P58 RAL certified with greater energy density to provide even more hot water. Available in four different sizes, Thermino thermal batteries can be charged by air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, grid electricity and boilers. Easy to install, up to four times smaller than an equivalent hot water tank and requiring no mandatory annual maintenance, they have a sleek and super compact design.

Terre à soi, magasin général écologique

Terre a soi is a general store that has been offering, since 2009, ecological alternatives for the everyday consumption needs of the whole family, in order to help you change the world, one step at a time. Zero waste, green, bulk, local, organic: we support you towards sustainable changes. The planet is in our DNA.

Thermographie GG

We show you what you don't see Thermography can target energy losses to save your money and preserve the health of our planet. Thermography by infrared camera illustrates the temperature differences. Thermography allows repairs at lower cost and fire prevention by detecting overheating of electrical components.


UBIK is a hosted IP telephone system, entirely developed in Quebec. Is your business connected to the Internet? Perfect! That's all you need to take advantage of our benefits. UBIK offers billing per user rather than per line. The telephone lines are therefore unlimited, all without a contract.

Ville de Montréal

By signing the Advancing Towards Zero Waste declaration as part of the C40 Cities, Montreal has committed to moving towards zero waste by 2030. The City is working to divert waste materials from landfill through source reduction , reuse, recycling and recovery of these. To achieve this, it has adopted a 2020-2025 Residual Materials Management Master Plan (PDGMR) which allows it to implement concrete actions with the aim of providing effective management of the residual materials that are generated annually on its territory.

Vrtta Green Solutions Inc.

With 'Greener choice, better life' as the tagline and our firm belief, Vrtta Green Solutions is a sustainability company from Montreal, Canada, focused on two aspects: 1). Sustainability Consulting | We quantify the environmental footprint of products/processes through life cycle analyses (LCA) in accordance with ISO standards, provide guidance in eco-design and material choices, assist in low-carbon transportation, and quantify greenhouse gas emissions for comapnies. 2). Sustainable Products | We develop sustainable product choices in the ‘Circularity’ context. Our products include Sustainable furniture 'KURCHI' (made of advertising/election signboards), and Reusable mailing envelopes.
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