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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in Magog fair

Academie Herb’Holiste

We are a naturotherapy school specializing in herbalism, aromatherapy, floral therapy, naturopathy and global health. We also offer courses in organic cultivation of medicinal plants, identification of plants in nature, botany... We have 27 years of experience and offer various course formats: online (via Teams), in class, outdoors and by correspondence with tutoring. We train therapists, apothecaries and manufacturers of natural products (12 diplomas and 15 certifications).


ArtCan is now organized as a workshop with architectural, design and engineering services for the prefabrication of hemp houses. Gabriel Construction Chanvre is a contractor specializing in carpentry and the implementation of Canalliance hemp and lime materials. Its team of craftsmen mobilizes to carry out various construction and renovation projects with innovative and sustainable solutions for insulation and interior lime finishes.

Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVÉQ)

Information kiosk on electromobility with road tests of electric vehicles.

Ateliers Multi-Arts

Passionate about recycling, I have made an art of it! I like to intercept the contents of the bins before they land in the blue bin and transform my finds into useful objects. For several years, I have focused my energy and my time on specializing in upgrading. Any obsolete material and / or good to throw, for some, represents for me an excellent opportunity of transformation for a second useful life and to become a masterpiece! I'm excited to show you that waste can open the door to a cleaner and more responsible world through projects of great utility! I am also an ambassador for the 1000Tonnes mission and I have products to sell.

BAAM Couture

BAAM Couture produces unique unisex clothing creations made from 100% recycled materials. We are on a green mission. We want to stop materials that were destined for landfills and/or thrift stores before they got there. The circular economy in the clothing sector is already overflowing on several levels. BAAM Couture aims to bring an artistic and original way to our unrealistic consumption habits. Our creations offer the possibility of taking a stand for the environment in a sartorial way in a flamboyant approach. Our ample sizes are also inclusive for all types of morphologies. baamcouture.com

Bateau bateau

Bateau Bateau strives to help people adopt new eco-friendly solutions so that we all have a greater quality of life. Thus, the company provides easy-to-use reusable hygiene products for a smooth transition. Come and discover their bidets, their reusable toilet paper rolls and soft tissues. Because small gestures start in the comfort of everyone's home.

Boutique Au fil des saisons…

REPLACE "DISPOSABLE" BY "REUSABLE, SUSTAINABLE"? YES, of course, it is possible! Au Fil des Saisons is a Quebec company founded by Marie-Josée Leblanc, its passionate creator. With the objective of creating objects that make life easier for Quebecers while reducing our impact on the environment, Au Fil des Saisons offers practical and ingenious, attractive and quality textile products, all made in Quebec with love! Placemats of all kinds, sandwich or snack pouches, fruit and vegetable and shopping bags, multipurpose wipes, blankets for children and adults that will comfort you, you will find a wide range of washable and durable products made here in Quebec with LOVE. Visit aufildessaisons.net to discover them!

Bureau de l’Hon. Pascale St-Onge

Government representation kiosk for the Office of the Honorable Pascale St-Onge.

Carbon Living

At Carbon Living we create natural energy products based on the C60 molecule to help you transform your life ❤ Because, among other things, it neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals such as electromagnetic waves. C60 is naturally contained in the shungite stone that we use in all our products to increase their benefits. In fact, in 2021, Forbes Magazine called it the anti-aging molecule for the future. Since everything is frequency, energy and vibration, Carbon Living offers you a C60 lifestyle with: - jewelry with different stones and benefits - organic and vegan skin care - teas and herbal teas with medicinal plants and adaptogens - accessories to help you ground yourself and meditate All this with the C60 molecule!


Co2.click manufactures smart air quality sensors that measure, among other things, the level of carbon dioxide and fine particles. Knowing that COVID-19 and other pathogens are airborne, we need to be more vigilant than ever to ensure proper ventilation. The carbon dioxide level is an excellent indicator of the state of ventilation in an enclosed space. The measurement of fine particles makes it possible to ensure the proper functioning of air filtration systems.

Copps & Casami inc

We are manufacturers of clothing unique, sustainable and durable in Alpaca wool . C’est le Pérou is the brand that represents the tradition, culture and diversity of art creators consolidated in a product. Our production values are to respect the individual, his community and the internal and external environment.

Copps & casami inc

Jacqueline Samaniego design is a company that presents the design of clothing useful and practical for the women.


Céline Bergeron is the founder and owner of CréationCé, a sustainable stationery company. As an illustrator and photographer, she primarily uses watercolor and ink to create her exclusive artworks and designs her own visuals for social media. Céline also initiates multiple collaborations and partnerships with other Quebec artisans and artists to showcase local talent. The seed paper she uses is 100% biodegradable and leaves no waste. Once planted, this seeded paper grows wildflowers, herbs, and even vegetables. All her products are created in her workshop located in the Laurentides region. Promotional video : https://creationce.photos/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/V2_CREATION_CE-1-Video-corpo-2022-1.mp4

Cyclo Nord-Sud

Cyclo Nord-Sud's mission is to recover and recycle unused bicycles for the benefit of vulnerable communities through various local and international solidarity initiatives. Our goal is to make this means of transport accessible to all, in an equitable way and to use it as a tool for change, social and economic development, from an environmental perspective.

Domaine de la rivière Samson

We are a maple producer as well as a fruit producer (blueberries, haskap) We transform our maple syrup directly on the farm.


Écomestible designs ecological, edible and regenerative landscaping projects inspired by the principles of permaculture. Our support approach aims to develop living environments and rich landscapes, where people blend harmoniously with nature. By combining art and design, Écomestible supports you in the design process of your ecological development project.


Envirosol is an environmental consulting firm that has been working in the field for over 10 years. Our multidisciplinary team specializing in biology, ecology and engineering works with you to ensure that your real estate projects meet government standards. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and individuals find solutions so that your real estate projects are based on land free from any trace of contamination.

Fabrique Trél

Inspired by the outdoors, a small family-owned business decided to embark on a journey to formulate and carefully craft body and hair care products: soaps, serums, shampoo, conditioning bars and solid lotion bars using organic ingredients. Trél offers less packaging, reusable and biodegradable containers.

Ficelle et Baluchon

Ficelle & Baluchon evolved from a wish to beautify our world with its colors as well as a deep desire to diminish our environmental footprint. We all know how difficult it can be to adopt eco-friendly behaviours. That’s why we create products that will make this transition easier. We offer three types of gift wrappings: fabric gift bags, reversible fabric gift wrappings and furoshikis. Our reusable gift wrappings are just as flamboyant and attractive as their paper predecessors while offering longevity and cost-effectiveness over time. Pioneers in the design of high-end ecological gift packaging, we stand out for the uniqueness, quality, aesthetics and durability of our products.


Iso-Protek is a circular economy start-up based in Montreal in the sector of recycling aluminum waste to manufacture reusable thermal bags. The company was created on March 4, 2021 to recover thermal tarpaulins from shipping containers for the transport of goods sensitive to thermal variations such as wine and sparkling water. Currently in Montreal, more than 8,000 thermal tarps of 40ft by 24ft are incinerated after a single use. This is the equivalent of 9 Olympic swimming pools of wasted aluminum per year! Iso-Protek aims to revolutionize the world of eco-responsible meal kit delivery!

Jacqueline Samaniego

Jacqueline Samaniego is a fashion designer and entrepreneur from Quebec. She is the designer who brings the art of clothing into the real life of women who want to wear quality and good taste every day.

JdH Import / Export

Premium quality, early harvest extra virgin olive oil, very high in polyphenols

Jean Provencher – Agent de changement social

Climate crisis. Pollution. Resource depletion. Biodiversity. Social inequalities. These environmental and social issues mark us. We know the origin, the impacts and the solutions. As an agent of social change, author and speaker, I offer you nearly 40 years of social commitment and professional experience. Master these issues. Keep hope. Realize our power. Apply the solutions. Conferences, events, seminars, practical workshops are offered on various themes. In addition, TO BE, TO THINK AND TO ACT DIFFERENTLY is an exceptional and human work. A powerful tool for information and transformation. This 5-volume box set, very accessible, leads us to make a difference. Its sales finance humanitarian projects.


karavel strives to provide the perfect combination between usefulness, quality, and eco friendliness. We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly-life products that can be purchased without worrying about your environmental, social and communal impact. Coffee, soaps, cleaning products, deodorants, each product on our platform is selected according to rigorous criteria, which allows us to offer you the best eco-friendly alternatives to the products you use on a daily basis. Worrying about these things should be on us, not on you.


The Rechargeable Deodorant Applicator Say goodbye to single-use deodorants with our innovative design, proudly crafted in Quebec. It's user-friendly and eco-conscious. The refills available for the Kiima applicator are skin-friendly, containing only safe ingredients from nature. Our product comes in a compact, recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free cardboard packaging. The applicator is easy to refill and compatible with our certified partners' vegan and biodegradable deodorants. At Kiima, our mission is to drastically reduce waste by reimagining everyday items that harm our environment.

L’Association du Marais-de-la-Rivière-aux-Cerises

We are a conservation and awareness organization, and manage a marshland of over 180 hectares.

La Fresque du Climat

Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. Climate Fresk data : 1 000,000+ participants in the world 40,000+ volunteers including 350 in Quebec 45 languages

La Ruche – Plateforme de financement participatif

La Ruche is a non-profit organization that specializes in crowdfunding. Our mission is to encourage new and up-and-coming projects that make a positive economic contribution to the region and to help put those regions on the map. We use our platform and our network of partners to actively contribute to new projects across Quebec. La Ruche provides project promoters with personalized support thanks to its team of experts across the province. Our regional directors and project specialists are best positioned to advise you in the deployment of your campaign. They are both personable and approachable, and they will be able to connect you to a vast network of ambassadors consisting of individuals who are involved in your community.

Le Rucher Boltonnois

RUCHER BOLTONNOIS is a social economy NPO created in February 2018. The RUCHER runs several projects simultaneously: Community beekeeping, Community agriculture, Online and physical public market, Bistro, Cultural venue. It is also an aquaponics laboratory and a gathering place for the citizens of Bolton-Est and neighboring villages. RUCHER has 250 members. The RUCHER is inspired by the collective strength of bees to realize great projects, one small drop of nectar at a time.

Les emballages PickPack

Whether you are an online store owner or an avid fan of it, are you wondering about ways to optimize your ecological footprint? Stop throwing away your single-use delivery packaging, thanks to PickPack reusable packaging. Our company has developed all the tools and logistics to offer a simplified integration to your website as well as an improved customer experience. Our team works closely with Canada Post to provide you with the only reusable packaging solution in the country. Come and meet us to better understand how the PickPack circular economy works.

Les Siffleux, breuvages torréfiés

Les Siffleux's mission is to offer an alternative to coffee, without caffeine. By adding a maximum of berries and roots from Quebec, Les Siffleux want to contribute to Quebec's food autonomy. In addition, with a musical style for each beverage, Les Siffleux wish to give a good mood to each sip, and that, without pretension.

Maryse Leduc Architecte et designer inc

Pioneer in the design of ecological houses, leader in the design of vacation homes in Quebec, winner of numerous prestigious awards, renowned speaker, respected teacher: Maryse Leduc has carved out a solid reputation among her peers and her clientele.


A true online grocery store, Maturin, exclusively offers food from more than 450 farms and food processors in Quebec. Sales are made without intermediaries and delivery is directly to your door anywhere across the province. The family business allows farmers and food processors in Quebec to sell online, without having to pay the large sums necessary for the creation of a website, the management of a warehouse and delivery services throughout Quebec.

Miel l’été doré

Miel l'été doré is a beekeeping business in the Eastern Townships that has acquired a great reputation in the processing of bee products. For several years, it has been exploiting the extraordinary properties of honey, propolis, wax and royal jelly to create high-end, natural and beneficial products: honey, winter balm, lip balm, balm and tincture. mother with propolis and pure pollen constitute its arsenal to fight against the rigors of winter (apitherapy). Its 100% beeswax candles, food wrappers, honey candies and artistically decorated cups complete its offer of handmade and unique products.

Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Ministry experts will be present to discuss geology, mining exploration and future minerals with the general public.

Ministère de Ressources naturelles et des Forêts

Come and meet the MERN experts who will be present at the booth... Quebec has several assets to promote the growth of transportation electrification, including its mineral resources. It's true, Quebec's subsoil is full of precious resources, including lithium, graphite and rare earths, which are used in the manufacture of electric vehicle components. Do you know them?

Néo Chips

Neo Chips are the new crunchy and nutritious fruit chips that come to the rescue of thousands of pineapples abandoned in our grocery stores!


Norwex is on a mission to radically reduce harmful chemicals in the home by providing an alternative to household cleaning. Products using mainly only water. https://angelinarossi.norwex.biz/en_CA/

Oli & Ely

Oli & Ely offers you eco-friendly products for the home & body that you can use with confidence. Non-toxic and effective, they are made in Quebec with care.

Produits Aqua Santé

Aqua Health Products offers solutions that purify and revitalize water to produce alkaline, structured, antioxydant water with proven health benefits for internal balance. Products we sell include electric water ionizers, vortex water revitalizers, BERKEY water purifiers, alkalising filters, shower filters, and other accessories.

Produits Seconde Nature

Second Nature Products is a company that works in the manufacture of kitchen and household products in wood (walnut) with the aim of offering an alternative to plastic and other harmful materials with unique, eco-responsible products made entirely in Quebec, in a sustainable development approach. All products are imagined, designed and manufactured by ourselves.


THE name FOR BULK ORGANIC NATURAL COSMETICS HANDMADE IN CANADA Since 2015, RoseCitron has been a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics. We handmade natural and vegan eco-friendly cosmetics that are healthy for you… and for the planet. Our products are made with love and – whenever possible – with ingredients sourced from organic, equitable and humane farming. Each and every day, we’re helping to build a better world while contributing to your well-being with cosmetics that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable!

Saatvik Cuisine Végé Inc

Supplier of a range of 100% vegan products based on vegetable proteins with flavors from around the world. The products are frozen and made with top quality organic ingredients, without additives and tasty. SAATVIK VEGGIE CUISINE, THESE ARE PRODUCTS: • 100% vegan • Ethnic, high quality and comforting • Tasty – no need to add a condiment • Easy to prepare and incorporate into a meal • Frozen – they keep for a very long time • Available in bulk or vacuum packed • Without preservative • And above all, made with love for your well-being and that of the planet. Tofu Tandoori pancakes, Vegetable and tofu pancakes, Potato pancakes and 3 legumes, Tofu sticks and Vegetable and tofu dumplings.

Santé Canada

The environment, including our home environment, has a significant impact on a person's health. Health Canada's Environmental Health Program works to protect the health of Canadians from hazards associated with the environment. Our mission is to inform and protect you about health risks related to: products, substances and the environment.Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

Savonnerie le Chat Noir Nu

We offer artisanal soaps, deodorants & beauty products to consumers looking for luxurious, natural and eco-friendly products. Our products are 100% natural and do not contain any fragrances or artificial coloring agent. Let our collections seduce you and give you the satisfaction of sharing with others. With every purchase of soap, a soap is donated to people in need.

The Barnhouse Factory

Barn House Factory is a Quebec-based company of candles, room mists, soaps and scrubs. Our products are designed with respect for the environment and health in mind, and are of the highest quality. We care deeply about the future of our planet and future generations. That's why we do our utmost to ensure that our ecological footprint is as small as possible, while taking care to choose non-harmful products. Our wax is non-toxic and from renewable sources. Our fragrances are also free of toxins and chemicals. We use fragrances that are free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins and other chemicals. Fragrances are vegan and not tested on animals.

Thermographie GG

We show you what you don't see Thermography can target energy losses to save your money and preserve the health of our planet. Thermography by infrared camera illustrates the temperature differences. Thermography allows repairs at lower cost and fire prevention by detecting overheating of electrical components.

Une Carte à la Fois

Everyone will need a few greeting cards over the course of a year. Birthday, Shower, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day etc. Plus, our cards are made from 100% recycled paper and are plantable. Inside the paper are wildflower or herb seeds. So once the person has read the card, they can plant it and a pretty bouquet of wildflowers will come to grow.

Ville de Magog

The city of Magog, located in the Eastern Townships, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, its hilly roads, its warm accommodations and its unique gourmet experiences. At the heart of the MRC de Memphrémagog, the Magog-Orford tourist center is well known to visitors thanks to the majestic Lake Memphrémagog, Mount Orford and the unique character of downtown Magog. The City of Magog is committed to protecting and preserving the environment. Equipped with an Environmental Policy and Action Plan, a GHG Reduction Plan and a Climate Change Adaptation Plan as well as an Eco-responsible Events Policy, it will materialize in 2023. the development of an island of freshness, the Espace Saint-Luc.
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