List of exhibitors in Magog

ArtCan et Gabriel Construction Chanvre

ArtCan et Gabriel Construction Chanvre

ArtCan is the pioneer of hemp construction in Canada and has all the hemp insulation and finishing products and tools for your renovation and green building projects. ArtCan manufactures and develops artisan products for craftsmen, self-builders and specialized contractors; Paints, dyes, coatings and natural soaps for maintenance and finishing work. Gabriel Construction Chanvre is the company that designs and realizes your construction and renovation work in hemp. Insulation works in hemp with lime finishes and natural paints; GCC's professional team offers peace of mind and the satisfaction of unique projects signed by its craftsmen.

Asinerie les ânes en culotte

"Les ânes en culotte" is a breeding place of dairy donkeys. We specialize in the production of natural cosmetics with donkey milk and essential oils and in the breeding and education of young donkeys. Our approach is multi-faceted. We value sustainable development, responsible agriculture on a human scale, and are always concerned and endeavour to offer our animals living conditions which are respectful of their nature and their needs. Our cosmetics are formulated naturally, and produced in a traditional way, from high quality raw materials.

Au Delà De l’Eau

Au Delà De l’Eau

Promotion of a shower head Eco2 Shower, ecological, economic and brings a lot of benefits to the skin, hydration, relaxation, negative ions, recommended for any skin problem water saving, moisturizing shampoo and soap. A filtration for drinking water, FITO Filter with UNIVERSAL CARTRIDGE K-46, 5 stages of filtration for a ratio quality price, and other ...


Belvedair is a specialized general contractor in the design and construction of ecological houses across Quebec. Our multi-disciplinary team will accompany you in your turnkey or auto-construction project.

BMW Sherbrooke

BMW Sherbrooke

BMW Sherbrooke is proud to partner with the Magog Ecosphere Fair. We will present our electric vehicle BMW i3 2018. The BMW i3 is available in 4 models. We have the BMW i3 and i3s which are electric vehicles that use exclusively the batteries to store electricity and power the powertrain and we have the BMW i3 Rex and i3s Rex which are electric vehicles that use use an integrated gasoline generator to supply the electric motor with electricity when the battery is discharged, in order to increase their autonomy. The BMW i3 is made of green materials such as Carbon fiber which is 50% lighter than steel and 20% lighter than aluminum but Carbon fiber is 50% stronger than steel.

Coop Agrobio du Québec

The Coop Agrobio du Québec join together forty farms that grow organic grain in the province of Quebec. Among the services offered by the Coop to its members, it supports farms who wish to start transformation projects with their organic grains. To bring help to them, the Coop offers to its members to: 1) Promote experience sharing among grain artisans. 2) Group all products under one brand and one distribution channel. 3) Manage the marketing of all their products. 4) Create a buyers network for Quebec organic grain. That means that all the Agrobio products are: 100% organic, 100% made in Quebec, from the grain to the plate All from small family businesses, Marketed with the least intermediary between the producer and the buyer.


I make travel, leisure and shopping bags from new and recovered materials: leather, denim, velvet, mosquito net, patio furniture, used bags and many other materials. They are unique, lined with a pressed pine bottom, zipper opening on both ends. Elegant, eco-friendly and do not create any pollution.

Curiosité alimentaire inc.

At Curiosité alimentaire inc., you will discover a number of imported Sicilian Italian products that are exclusive to us including: organic Arita olive oil, orange marmalade and organic blood orange marmalade. In addition, you will love our Bronte pistachio crunch.


With a passion for eco-friendly housing, the DEUXMAX team aims to collect the most efficient ecological materials on the market. The goal of DEUXMAX is to help people in Quebec have easy access to green building materials and experts. The company has distinguished itself by joining forces with veterans of ecological housing. Such as Naturfibres, Isofib, Éconeau and more to come. We will do everything in our power to create a better environmental future.