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Iso-Protek is a circular economy start-up based in Montreal in the sector of recycling aluminum waste to manufacture reusable thermal bags. The company was created on March 4, 2021 to recover thermal tarpaulins from shipping containers for the transport of goods sensitive to thermal variations such as wine and sparkling water. Currently in Montreal, more than 8,000 thermal tarps of 40ft by 24ft are incinerated after a single use. This is the equivalent of 9 Olympic swimming pools of wasted aluminum per year! Iso-Protek aims to revolutionize the world of eco-responsible meal kit delivery!

Address : 9150, rue Meilleur, suite 217
City : Montréal
Province : Québec
Email : isoprotek@gmail.com
Phone : 514 943-7892
Web site : www.iso-protek.com/
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