List of exhibitors in Québec



Jeux WASA is a nonprofit that creates board games and facilitates workshops on sustainable living. Our double mission is to accompany corporations and their employees to adopt sustainable practices within the work environment, and to raise awareness among youth. Every workshop directed by a corporation permits us to offer a free workshop to an elementary or high school. Jeux WASA provides game experiences as a tool for positive change and sustainable living. Jeux WASA presents its main game : a sustainable-city board game where players build cities and faces challenges such as water floods, ageing populations, and waste management. First board game based on Québec’s climate-change challenges. 100% made in Québec.

Benoit Paquette

Benoit Paquette, Geobiologist/Biologist Benoit Paquette is a geobiologist and biologist with 25 years of experience. He has created a methodology and tools for houses and lands that reestablish the distinctive features of natural environments that provide health and vitality in our living places. Among other projects, he has developed solutions that attenuate the negative effects of electromagnetic fields. A unique approach to geobiology that integrates and works with the coherent flow of nature.

Hébergement aux Cinq Sens

Hébergement aux Cinq Sens

Created in 2009, Hébergement aux Cinq Sens is a unique four-season resort located in the Eastern Townships village of Piopolis, in one of the world’s first Dark Sky Reserves. Just steps from Lake Megantic, it is the ultimate spot to relax in any one of the resort’s five yurts, each named for and designed to stir a particular sense. Yurt is a Mongolian word for home, and that's exactly how you are made to feel when you visit Hébergement aux Cinq Sens. Built by hand, these circular dwellings are a labour of love, respectful of tradition and nature and adapted to Quebec’s climate. Guests can also partake in Aboriginal wisdom activities including nature walks adventures, stargazing and traditional sweat-lodges. Welcome!

Martin Boisvert (Néo-Terra)

I offer trainings and conferences on the small breeding of chickens at home, prioritizing animal welfare and permaculture as a background option . In addition to teaching people the best practices of the field, I will show them how to generate abundance at the scale of their property by highlighting the natural behaviors of chickens.

Aim Éco-centre

We offer the waste container rental service for all your jobs in different formats. We offer 11, 18 and 40 yard formats. You can come to our three sites: Lévis, Vanier and Saint-Augustin where our sorting center is located, where we recover high-tech dry materials. You can rent a 20-foot shipping container for storage and environmental containers. We can recycle all construction waste and give it a second life.

Rolland Bougie

I've been converting diesel and gasoline tractors into environmentally friendly electric tractors since 2012. Today, six tractors run on electricity. Some work all day. Market gardeners use these tractors to be organic and 100% ecological. To view the video, go to our home land, Valérie Campeau and Yan Gordan de Sutton, market gardener, who works all day with his electric tractor. To become competitive, you must switch to electricity.

Les Urbainculteurs

A nourishing, green city that is productive and agreeable to live in: that is the vision that Les Urbainculteurs holds dear! We have been working to develop cities and to make them greener for 10 years. Situated in the region of Quebec, we have been teaming up since 2009 with other like-minded members to develop an ecological, accessible and urban-sensitive type of agriculture. We believe that cities can be green and can adapt to changing times. We have presented our clients with microbreweries that grow their own food and have worked on business roofs and public spaces. Our mission is to promote urban agriculture and gardening. We can improve our lifestyle and our living conditions, one garden at a time, by choosing bio-diversity and local, fresh and healthy products.

Lise Leroux, Leader Exécutive Principale des Ventes Norwex

Norwex is a company that has the mission to eliminate chemicals from our environments.

Produits d’érable Cumberland

Produits d’érable Cumberland

We are a proud family business from La Guadeloupe, in La Beauce! Our gourmet products are all made with our authentic organic maple syrup from Notre-Dames-des-Bois. From our succulent organic maple butter to our delicious dressings to our maple BBQ sauce and our trio of organic maple jellies or our trio of spices, everyone will enjoy our products, foodies or not!

Vivianne Martel

I am an Amway Independent Business Owner. I will introduce you to our eSpring® UV Water Purifier. eSpring™ is the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems. In addition to dramatic improvements in taste, odor, and clarity, eSpring is capable of destroying more than 99.9% of disease-causing microorganisms and effectively reduces over 140 potential health-effect contaminants. Based on Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.