List of exhibitors in Québec

Aim Éco-centre

We offer the waste container rental service for all your jobs in different formats. We offer 11, 18 and 40 yard formats. You can come to our three sites: Lévis, Vanier and Saint-Augustin where our sorting center is located, where we recover high-tech dry materials. You can rent a 20-foot shipping container for storage and environmental containers. We can recycle all construction waste and give it a second life.

Annie Leblois

Buy an old bus, convert it into a recreational vehicle and travel around Quebec looking for the best places to practice mountain biking with our dog Charlot: that was our ideal get-away. The project is in its infancy since we have just acquired our vehicle; a 2005 Thomas of 40 feet / 72 passenger with 254 000 km on the clock. The work of transformation will begin very soon and finish in the course of next winter if all goes well. We have identified 25 places where we wish to stay for several days throughout the summer of 2018 to experience the best mountain bike trails in Quebec. You can watch the proposed route by clicking on this video. ioniseurs d’eau, prix de gros ioniseurs d’eau, prix de gros

The evil of the century, dehydration, causes serious troubles. If the water you drink for years does not hydrate you enough is that this water does not enter your cells, you have dry skin, dry mouth, dry stool and infrequent. You are constipated, diabetic with bad breath, dry hair. The water you drink at a surface of tension too big to enter your cells. Would you like to drink water that is six times more moisturizing than the water you drink and rehydrate your body and brain quickly. In addition, this Japanese technology provides antioxidant water, providing the antioxidants to your cells to get the best results. regenerate. Come and drink hexagonal water at the end of the week for free.A-1

Au Delà De l’Eau

Au Delà De l’Eau

Promotion of a shower head Eco2 Shower, ecological, economic and brings a lot of benefits to the skin, hydration, relaxation, negative ions, recommended for any skin problem water saving, moisturizing shampoo and soap. A filtration for drinking water, FITO Filter with UNIVERSAL CARTRIDGE K-46, 5 stages of filtration for a ratio quality price, and other ...

Benoit Paquette

Benoit Paquette, Geobiologist/Biologist Benoit Paquette is a geobiologist and biologist with 25 years of experience. He has created a methodology and tools for houses and lands that reestablish the distinctive features of natural environments that provide health and vitality in our living places. Among other projects, he has developed solutions that attenuate the negative effects of electromagnetic fields. A unique approach to geobiology that integrates and works with the coherent flow of nature.

Charlotte – Balles de séchage éco

Our Eco Dryer Balls are made of 100% natural wool from our sheep Charlotte. These balls are ecofriendly, will soften, fluff your laundry and can reduce the drying time of to 25% of your drying machine. Simply put the 3 balls into your drying machine and feel the results. Caracteristics : - Completely chemical free, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic : made for sheep wool 100% natural. - Reduces wrinkles between your laundry with its tumbling effect. - Softens and fluffs. - Energy saving : reduce drying time up to 25%. - Helps to eliminate static. - A great alternative to fabric chemical softeners. - Will last for over 500 drying loads. - Perfect for sensitive skins and babies.

Consortium du commerce équitable de Québec

Consortium du commerce équitable de Québec

The Quebec Fair Trade Consortium's mission is to advance the cause and sale of fair trade products in Quebec by mobilizing stakeholders and citizens through structuring projects for the Capitale-Nationale region. The Quebec Fair Trade Consortium achieves its mission by being active with the Quebec Fair Trade Town project, by promoting, mobilizing and supporting Campus, school, event, workplace, faith religious group designations and the Quebec Fair Trade Month. The Consortium also offers conference and marketing services for retailers, cafés and restaurants wishing to increase their fair trade offerings.

Coopérative La mauve

Members of the team at La Mauve work to develop the local region by selling local and organic products. We distribute baskets at 15 sale points, an excellent way to find clients who are interested in local and high-quality products. There are a number of baskets filled with a variety of products from 40 ecological faarms. You can find certified organic vegetables, local meat and a number of products including cheese, sausage, flour, honey, and more. All of our baskets get a personal touch. Check out our website: