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Vrtta Green Solutions Inc.
Vrtta Green Solutions Inc.
With 'Greener choice, better life' as the tagline and our firm belief, Vrtta Green Solutions is a sustainability company from Montreal, Canada, focused on two aspects: 1). Sustainability Consulting | We quantify the environmental footprint of products/processes through life cycle analyses (LCA) in accordance with ISO standards, provide guidance in eco-design and material choices, assist in low-carbon transportation, and quantify greenhouse gas emissions for comapnies. 2). Sustainable Products | We develop sustainable product choices in the ‘Circularity’ context. Our products include Sustainable furniture 'KURCHI' (made of advertising/election signboards), and Reusable mailing envelopes.

Address : 17560, rue Grier
City : Montréal
Province : Québec
Email : Emailus@vrtta.green
Phone : 438 882-5385
Web site : www.vrtta.green
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