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EKOLOJI (9467-7937 Québec Inc.)
EKOLOJI (9467-7937 Québec Inc.)
EKOLOJI is a clothing and fashion brand that uses upcycling and organic plant fabrics. The accessories are built with parts from the automotive and/or aeronautical industry. Each product is developed and analyzed to have the least impact on the environment. The ecological evaluation is conveyed, so it is possible to know the quantity of liters of water and GHG avoided for each item. In addition, the design, development, upcycling regeneration and production are done in their workshop located in the small village of Hudson in Quebec. The collection offers an alternative to consumers concerned about the footprint they leave behind. Choosing EKOLOJI is taking a step towards a fashion of the future!

Address : 451B, rue Main
City : Hudson
Province : Québec
Email : sylvienerondesign@gmail.com
Phone : 450-202-1200
Web site : www.ekoloji.ca
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