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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in 2022 event

Action climat Outaouais (ACO)

Initially named STOP Oléoduc Outaouais, Action Climat Outaouais (ACO) was founded in April 2016. ACO has given itself the mission of promoting the fight against climate change by raising awareness and mobilizing the population and decision-makers on the causes and the effects of these changes, to demand that governments provide citizens with the information they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to demand that governments guarantee the right of all Quebec citizens to healthy environment, and be accountable for it.


Health, beauty, wellness company. Our products are plant and flower based, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. We are a Bcorp company

Ateliers Multi-Arts

Passionate about recycling, I have made an art of it! I like to intercept the contents of the bins before they land in the blue bin and transform my finds into useful objects. For several years, I have focused my energy and my time on specializing in upgrading. Any obsolete material and / or good to throw, for some, represents for me an excellent opportunity of transformation for a second useful life and to become a masterpiece! I'm excited to show you that waste can open the door to a cleaner and more responsible world through projects of great utility! I am also an ambassador for the 1000Tonnes mission and I have products to sell.


BRIQUE RECYC is a mobile machine, which can be used directly on the construction site. Its mortar cleaning system without percussion, thanks to diamond blades, is adaptable to different types of bricks and mortar. The machine can clean a brick in less than 4 seconds and make 99.5% of them ready to be reinstalled. This new technology fits perfectly into the perspective of the reuse of construction materials, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and the preservation of the value and authenticity of the brick as an image of the history of the built environment of Montreal. Considering its assets, the BRIQUE RECYC machine becomes a pillar towards the economic and environmental profitability of the deconstruction.

CHARBONE Corporation

Having the climate emergency at the heart of its concerns, the CHARBONE group is fully committed to the energy transition and contributes through its expertise and innovative technologies to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The group supports and anticipates the deep evolution in the energy industry and is fully committed to the production and distribution of green hydrogen, produced from renewable energies. CHARBONE is an integrated operator with an international dimension. Its experts use new technological solutions to optimize production costs and improve the energy performance of each of its projects.

Copps & casami inc

Jacqueline Samaniego design is a company that presents the design of clothing useful and practical for the women.

Ecolosynergy inc.

Ecolo Synergy is a 12 years old family business that offers various eco-friendly products for the building industry. Our main product is our Low-E nano-membrane for existing windows. Our product works similar to a LOW-E window, however, we can apply it to your existing windows. Our membrane reflects up to 95% of the infrared (heat) to the outside during the summer and help keep the heat (infrared) inside during the long winter nights.


EspaceMini helps families reduce their paper cosumption by offering them a simple, creative and, of course eco-friendly alternative in the form of washable colorings and note pages. In fact, simplicity, creativity and eco-responsibility are our three core values. We want to provide families with eco-responsible products that are are natural as possible as well as tools and educational tips that are easy to apply in the everyday life. All our products are designed, illustrated and assembled in Quebec, Canada We also wish to contribute to offering a greener world to our mini humans.


Gazifère has 110 employees, and is a privately-owned subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. Established since 1959 in the Outaouais, Gazifère is an energy distributor. Serving more than 43,500 residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers, Gazifère owns and operates close to 1,000 km of gas pipes. It has begun its energy transition, and, since 2020, has been injecting 2% of renewable natural gas into its system. The goal is to become the first natural gas distributor in North America to offer 100% green energy. To support these ambitious energy transition goals and significantly reduce GHG emission throughout the Outaouais, Gazifère has developed local partnerships and prioritizes the implementation of low carbon emission projects. The result of this initiative will be an inclusive project that will engage the community’s active participation and tap into and make the most of the region’s resources in creating clean and renewable energy.

Invocation Canada

We offer 100% natural perfumes and products based on essential oils made in Quebec. These fragrances are a secret mix between the technique of the Graces perfumers and a traditional ancestral process. You will discover our 2 essentials: purifying and energizing, proven for more than 20 years. The 5 elements, body perfumes, will be very interesting for the management of emotions. We also have a Body Care range with shower gel, bath salts, cream and massage oil for daily well-being. Contest and promotion on site! Hope to meet you ! +1 418 843 8777 invocation@invocation.ca https://invocation.ca/

JdH Import / Export

Premium quality, early harvest extra virgin olive oil, very high in polyphenols

Le renard noir

Le Renard noir is a start-up entreprise that specializes in artisan soap-making. Our soaps are totally luxurious and flamboyants, but are also naturally handmade and healthy for the skin and for the planet. Our primary ingredient is an organic sunflower oil locally grown in Quebec, and we subscribe to the zero-waste philosophy. Our body soaps, skin care and bath products (bath bombs, shampoo bars, solid moisturizers and lip balms) are carefully and beautifully displayed as we affer our customers vaieties of gift sets made with recycled objects. For us, it is a point of honor to offer our customers inviting and edible-like products, either for their everyday skin care, or for any occasion as a gift, without being overpriced and always eco-friendly.

LOJIQ -Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec

LOJIQ – The International Youth Offices of Quebec, a government agency, is the group of international youth mobility organizations. It makes it possible to open up the world to young adults, to generate opportunities for the emergence of their talent and to offer one of the best resources for youth mobility on a global scale. LOJIQ's mission is to promote the professional and personal development of young Quebec adults, aged 18 to 35, by allowing them to carry out a project involving mobility in Quebec, Canada or internationally.

Maryse Leduc Architecte et designer inc

Pioneer in the design of ecological houses, leader in the design of vacation homes in Quebec, winner of numerous prestigious awards, renowned speaker, respected teacher: Maryse Leduc has carved out a solid reputation among her peers and her clientele.

Mères au front

Welcome to all! We are one of the many local groups that are part of the national Mères au Front movement, which is a decentralized and diversified movement that has spread across Canada and beyond. Two determined mothers from Montreal, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and Laure Waridel, founded the movement back in March 2020. We are Mothers, Grand-Mothers and Allies, by blood or otherwise, and we are choosing to act because we want to protect our children’s future. Our actions aim to remind decision-makers of their duty and responsibility to prioritize the protection of our environment and to put in place ambitious political actions to effectively and urgently address the climate and biodiversity crisis. Let us rise rise together: we are not alone with our worries and our hopes!

Mes Trésors sur la Plage

Mes Trésors sur la Plage is a tribute to the marine estuary of the St. Lawrence River. It is the work of artist Amélie Loyer. In love with the Côte-Nord region and its whales, she likes to stroll on its beaches. During a stay, she noticed an accumulation of fragments of blue mussels shells in a streak of sea. Like raw precious stones, she brought them home, determined to highlight them. This is how her jewelry collection was born. Artist, she paints the infinite horizons of the river, its low tides and its mysterious abysses. Her paintings evoke the impetuosity of the sea and the human soul. Since 2019, Mes Trésors sur la Plage has proudly donated 5% of its sales to GREMM, a non-profit organization for Research and Education on Marine Mammals based in Tadoussac.

Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles

Ministry experts will be present to discuss geology, mining exploration and future minerals with the general public.

Next Chance

Next Chance designs eco-friendly gift wraps that preserve traditions and bring joy. Its first mission is to reduce waste! To do so, Next Chance follows the circular economy's concept: we rescued fabrics that would otherwise have ended up in waste to manufacture our products.


Norwex is on a mission to radically reduce harmful chemicals in the home by providing an alternative to household cleaning. Products using mainly only water. https://angelinarossi.norwex.biz/en_CA/


Oxfam-Québec is a dynamic organisation of dedicated people working together for a world without poverty. People are front and centre in all of their activities. Oxfam-Québec carry out development projects, they work to save lives through the delivery of emergency humanitarian assistance, they raise funds to help people and communities in the South, they campaign for lasting change, and they rally the youth of Québec to take action.

Produits Chadobelle inc

Personalized Environmentally friendly laundry service of privacy body linen in multi-level residences. CHSLD's and at home using its own made products, without animal fat, colour, smell, preservative or foaming agent. Also manufacturer of organic natural cosmetics respectfuf of the environment with the addition of clay, again without animal fat, color, smell, preservative or foaming agent. (Soaps, detergents, shampoo bars etc..)


THE name FOR BULK ORGANIC NATURAL COSMETICS HANDMADE IN CANADA Since 2015, RoseCitron has been a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics. We handmade natural and vegan eco-friendly cosmetics that are healthy for you… and for the planet. Our products are made with love and – whenever possible – with ingredients sourced from organic, equitable and humane farming. Each and every day, we’re helping to build a better world while contributing to your well-being with cosmetics that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable!

Solutions Otonomi

Otonomi Solutions builds software solutions dedicated to photovoltaic professionals in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of their customers' off grid solar projects. With 15 years of expertise in green energy, Otonomi Solutions supports all solar professionals - installers, electricians, resellers or distributors – if you are interested in solar energy self-sufficiency, come visit us on our boot F51 and let’s exchange together on the best practices and software solutions for off-grid solar projects.

Table de Concertation sur la faim et le développement social de l’Outaouais

The TCFDSO is the regional round Table on Hunger and social development. For more than 20 years we serve as a relay for organizations such as community centers and food banks troughout the Outaouais for whom food access is a right. Our "No Waste Squad" collects surpluses from grocerie stores and farms to distribute them in free access fridges, collective kitechns,food banks and shelters.

Une Carte à la Fois

Everyone will need a few greeting cards over the course of a year. Birthday, Shower, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day etc. Plus, our cards are made from 100% recycled paper and are plantable. Inside the paper are wildflower or herb seeds. So once the person has read the card, they can plant it and a pretty bouquet of wildflowers will come to grow.

Ville de Magog

The city of Magog, located in the Eastern Townships, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, its hilly roads, its warm accommodations and its unique gourmet experiences. At the heart of the MRC de Memphrémagog, the Magog-Orford tourist center is well known to visitors thanks to the majestic Lake Memphrémagog, Mount Orford and the unique character of downtown Magog. The City of Magog is committed to protecting and preserving the environment. Equipped with an Environmental Policy and Action Plan, a GHG Reduction Plan and a Climate Change Adaptation Plan as well as an Eco-responsible Events Policy, it will materialize in 2023. the development of an island of freshness, the Espace Saint-Luc.

Ville de Montréal

By signing the Advancing Towards Zero Waste declaration as part of the C40 Cities, Montreal has committed to moving towards zero waste by 2030. The City is working to divert waste materials from landfill through source reduction , reuse, recycling and recovery of these. To achieve this, it has adopted a 2020-2025 Residual Materials Management Master Plan (PDGMR) which allows it to implement concrete actions with the aim of providing effective management of the residual materials that are generated annually on its territory.

Vivre en Ville

In the fall of 2021, Vivre en Ville launched Reduce our footprint, a large-scale campaign to raise awareness among citizens to strive for greater energy sobriety. Reducing our footprint is a change of perspective, another way of understanding our habits, to stop suffering from climate change and above all, to gain in quality of life. The place where we live and the way we move are https://www.instagram.com/reduirenotreempreinte/ what has the most impact on the energy footprint: Reducing our footprint offers actions, with small or large commitments, to guide the evolution of our lifestyles, on an individual AND collective scale. Come meet us!
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