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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in Gatineau

Action climat Outaouais (ACO)

Initially named STOP Oléoduc Outaouais, Action Climat Outaouais (ACO) was founded in April 2016. ACO has given itself the mission of promoting the fight against climate change by raising awareness and mobilizing the population and decision-makers on the causes and the effects of these changes, to demand that governments provide citizens with the information they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to demand that governments guarantee the right of all Quebec citizens to healthy environment, and be accountable for it.


Health, beauty, wellness company. Our products are plant and flower based, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. We are a Bcorp company

Biscuiterie Cookieliciousss inc.

We are a cookie shop located in the east of Montreal. We offer giant and decadent cookies with eco-friendly packaging to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with our 100% vegan and regular cookies.

Build Well to Be Well / BuildWise

Design / Build Company specializing in healthy, natural buildings. From clay straw walls to natural clay and lime plasters, to chemical free finishes and building products, our main focus is "that which is truly healthy for us, will also be healthy for the environment." Building Biology Institute.

C-Vert (Enviro Éduc-Action)

Fundraising booth for the summer projects of this group of teen leaders for the environment. In collaboration with 3R Quebec. Bring your cash to cheer on the “C-Verts” and enjoy a fresh lemonade that does its part for the planet!

Copps & casami inc

Jacqueline Samaniego design is a company that presents the design of clothing useful and practical for the women.

Enviro Éduc-Action

Enviro Educ-Action supports you in your daily eco-responsible actions! Come and ask all your questions for a household that produces less waste and to continue to be pros in sorting materials!


EspaceMini helps families reduce their paper cosumption by offering them a simple, creative and, of course eco-friendly alternative in the form of washable colorings and note pages. In fact, simplicity, creativity and eco-responsibility are our three core values. We want to provide families with eco-responsible products that are are natural as possible as well as tools and educational tips that are easy to apply in the everyday life. All our products are designed, illustrated and assembled in Quebec, Canada We also wish to contribute to offering a greener world to our mini humans.

Fermette Voilà

Fermette Voilà is a beekeeping business. I produce honey and products made from honey such as soap, creams, candles and more. I also sell beekeeping equipment


Gazifère has 110 employees, and is a privately-owned subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. Established since 1959 in the Outaouais, Gazifère is an energy distributor. Serving more than 43,500 residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers, Gazifère owns and operates close to 1,000 km of gas pipes. It has begun its energy transition, and, since 2020, has been injecting 2% of renewable natural gas into its system. The goal is to become the first natural gas distributor in North America to offer 100% green energy. To support these ambitious energy transition goals and significantly reduce GHG emission throughout the Outaouais, Gazifère has developed local partnerships and prioritizes the implementation of low carbon emission projects. The result of this initiative will be an inclusive project that will engage the community’s active participation and tap into and make the most of the region’s resources in creating clean and renewable energy.

Groupe ecoPlus

EcoPlus Services is a company that offers consulting services in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and asbestos management. We offer a diverse range of building-related technical services: Air infiltration test (Blower Door test), Energuide Protocol, Energy modeling, Sampling of materials, Air tests, Mold decontamination and asbestos removal protocols, Building health record and Contingency fund.

IA Groupe Financier

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTING Socially responsible investing (SRI), also known as ESG or sustainable funds, is about making a difference in our lives, our society and our environment, without compromising on returns! This makes it possible to invest in companies that respect your values and help build a sustainable world for you and your family. We are proud to present a wide range of ESG funds for your financial goals, your retirement, your children’s education, and more. A perfect balance between your values and your financial goals, whatever your budget!

Jean Provencher – Agent de changement social

Climate crisis. Pollution. Resource depletion. Biodiversity. Social inequalities. These environmental and social issues mark us. We know the origin, the impacts and the solutions. As an agent of social change, author and speaker, I offer you nearly 40 years of social commitment and professional experience. Master these issues. Keep hope. Realize our power. Apply the solutions. Conferences, events, seminars, practical workshops are offered on various themes. In addition, TO BE, TO THINK AND TO ACT DIFFERENTLY is an exceptional and human work. A powerful tool for information and transformation. This 5-volume box set, very accessible, leads us to make a difference. Its sales finance humanitarian projects.


karavel strives to provide the perfect combination between usefulness, quality, and eco friendliness. We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly-life products that can be purchased without worrying about your environmental, social and communal impact. Coffee, soaps, cleaning products, deodorants, each product on our platform is selected according to rigorous criteria, which allows us to offer you the best eco-friendly alternatives to the products you use on a daily basis. Worrying about these things should be on us, not on you.

La Fresque du Climat

Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community. Climate Fresk data : 1 000,000+ participants in the world 40,000+ volunteers including 350 in Quebec 45 languages

Mères au front

Welcome to all! We are one of the many local groups that are part of the national Mères au Front movement, which is a decentralized and diversified movement that has spread across Canada and beyond. Two determined mothers from Montreal, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette and Laure Waridel, founded the movement back in March 2020. We are Mothers, Grand-Mothers and Allies, by blood or otherwise, and we are choosing to act because we want to protect our children’s future. Our actions aim to remind decision-makers of their duty and responsibility to prioritize the protection of our environment and to put in place ambitious political actions to effectively and urgently address the climate and biodiversity crisis. Let us rise rise together: we are not alone with our worries and our hopes!


Electric bike trials Come discover the pleasure of riding an electrically assisted bicycle! We explain how it works, the differences with a conventional bike, how to choose one and how to ride safely on the road.


MySymbiose is a company that specializes in the foraging, production and transformation of non-lignin forest products. We offer a range of high grade medicinal mushroom supplements from the forests of Québec. Our products are offered in a liquid form of extract to dilute in your beverage of choice. Currently we offer 6 different types of extracts aswell as unique one-of-a-kind mushroom art.


Norwex is on a mission to radically reduce harmful chemicals in the home by providing an alternative to household cleaning. Products using mainly only water. https://angelinarossi.norwex.biz/en_CA/

Produits Chadobelle inc

Personalized Environmentally friendly laundry service of privacy body linen in multi-level residences. CHSLD's and at home using its own made products, without animal fat, colour, smell, preservative or foaming agent. Also manufacturer of organic natural cosmetics respectfuf of the environment with the addition of clay, again without animal fat, color, smell, preservative or foaming agent. (Soaps, detergents, shampoo bars etc..)

Regroupement des cuisines collectives de Gatineau

Vision Statement We are an innovative and recognized organization serving as a reference to contribute to empowerment, food autonomy, social transformation and healthy eating. Based on the mobilization of partners and volunteers, our actions and interventions contribute to the development of a sustainable food system and to the influence of the community. Mission statement Encourage and support food self-sufficiency and empower individuals and communities through the development and consolidation of collective kitchens and various solidarity initiatives. Values defended and carriers Autonomy Solidarity and inclusion Equity and social justice Democracy and social participation Empathy and dignity

Savonnerie le Chat Noir Nu

We offer artisanal soaps, deodorants & beauty products to consumers looking for luxurious, natural and eco-friendly products. Our products are 100% natural and do not contain any fragrances or artificial coloring agent. Let our collections seduce you and give you the satisfaction of sharing with others. With every purchase of soap, a soap is donated to people in need.

Savons Hermosa

Savons Hermosa specializes in the production of soaps and other skincare products made with fresh goat milk. The environmental impact of our production is at the heart of our priorities. We use organic, fair trade, sustainable, and local ingredients, while also prioritizing minimal and compostable packaging, to create superior quality skincare products that support sustainable agriculture and the local economy. We are proud to collaborate with local businesses to ensure the quality of our ingredients and reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. Every product we create is carefully handcrafted in our small workshop to ensure quality, purity, and efficacy.

Table de Concertation sur la faim et le développement social de l’Outaouais

The TCFDSO is the regional round Table on Hunger and social development. For more than 20 years we serve as a relay for organizations such as community centers and food banks troughout the Outaouais for whom food access is a right. Our "No Waste Squad" collects surpluses from grocerie stores and farms to distribute them in free access fridges, collective kitechns,food banks and shelters.

Tours à jardin avec Colette et Manon

A garden tower means sunshine, health and pride all year round! ✴️ This tower is an efficient, productive, durable and very ecological tool. For: ✅️ eat healthy without GMOs, pesticides or toxic products 365 days; ✅️ develop your food autonomy; ✅️save on your monthly grocery bill; And ✅️ learn and share our learnings in aeroponic agriculture to family and friends!

Vivre en Ville

In the fall of 2021, Vivre en Ville launched Reduce our footprint, a large-scale campaign to raise awareness among citizens to strive for greater energy sobriety. Reducing our footprint is a change of perspective, another way of understanding our habits, to stop suffering from climate change and above all, to gain in quality of life. The place where we live and the way we move are https://www.instagram.com/reduirenotreempreinte/ what has the most impact on the energy footprint: Reducing our footprint offers actions, with small or large commitments, to guide the evolution of our lifestyles, on an individual AND collective scale. Come meet us!
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