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Invocation Canada
Invocation Canada
We offer 100% natural perfumes and products based on essential oils made in Quebec. These fragrances are a secret mix between the technique of the Graces perfumers and a traditional ancestral process. You will discover our 2 essentials: purifying and energizing, proven for more than 20 years. The 5 elements, body perfumes, will be very interesting for the management of emotions. We also have a Body Care range with shower gel, bath salts, cream and massage oil for daily well-being. Contest and promotion on site! Hope to meet you ! +1 418 843 8777 invocation@invocation.ca https://invocation.ca/

Address : 618, rue du Nickel
City : Québec
Province : Québec
Email : order@invocation.ca
Phone : (418) 843-8777
Web site : invocation.ca/
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