Panel on book « Demain, Le Québec »

Inspired by the producers of the film DEMAIN produced by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, the Quebecois sector of the David Suzuki Foundation went out to meet Quebeckers who hope to create a better, more fair and democratic world that is equally environmentally friendly. They published a book which reflects their values and commitment to a safer, more egalitarian and more environmentally conscious, world. The panel members will discuss the book.
Panel members include Karel Mayrand, Diego Creimer, Louise Hénault-Éthier and Julie Roy.
Karel Mayrand
This well-known ecological militant is the Director of Atlantique de la Fondation David Suzuki and President of Réalité climatique Canada. Karel sits on the administrative committee of the Fondation Les Cowboys Fringants. Before joining the Foundation in 2008, Karel was an advisor to many international agencies, including that of the former Premier of Quebec, Pierre Marc Johnson. Karel advised Mr. Johnson’s team on the environmental impact of globalisation.
Diego Creimer
Diego Creimer launched his career in TV production and cinema in Argentina before coming to Canada in 1999. In Quebec, he has worked as a journalist for CBC and Radio-Canada International before joining Greenpeace from 2012 to 2016, where he is in charge of the communication department. He joined the David Suzuki Foundation team in 2016 as an expert in communication and public affairs.
Louise Hénault-Éthier

Louise Hénault-Éthier is a passionate researcher, always on the lookout for new information on solutions to environmental problems. She actively works to demystify often complex environmental concepts to the general public. After working for the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium and the Biodôme of Montreal, she is currently working as the Director of scientific projects at the David Suzuki Foundation. Her projects and her academic performance has awarded her with numerous distinctions, including second prize at the competition Ma Thèse en 180s in 2014.
Julie Roy
Julie Roy actively works to mobilize and motivate youth, schools and the general public to change everyday habits and to raise awareness about environmental issues. She takes part in numerous demonstrations and organizes meetings. As a specialist of public commitment at the David Suzuki Foundation since 2015, Julie is passionate about zero waste, vegetarianism, and eating locally. Originally from France, Julie chose to settle in Quebec and to commit herself to vigils and demonstrations, choosing effective ways of communicating positive messages to everyday citizens.
Please note that only certain panel members will be present at each of our fairs. More information to come.
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