Environmental matters

Environmental matters, eco-friendly housing and organic and local food are important, recurring and pertinent themes. Turn the TV on, open your local newspaper or enjoy a coffee with friends and you will soon see that social responsibility and researching solutions to ecological problems are vast and fascinating subjects which matter to us all.

At Fair ECOSPHERE, we have one mission: to raise awareness about environmental matters. But that’s only the first step! Once we have attained this goal, we will work with numerous organizations which share our values and our concerns. We work hand in hand with exhibitors who come from various domains and who sell different products. Whether we’re talking about solar panels, organic apples, or bamboo pillows, we always notice that these products are there to stress the value of the environment and the health of our planet.

In short, Fair ECOSPHERE brings together various speakers, dynamic participants and visitors who are conscientious and interested in ecological matters. Thanks to our team, every year, we set up four environmental fairs, each one as distinct as possible. Mark your calendars and join us at the fairs. See you there!

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