Why present a conference? It’s a deceptively simple question!

Hosting a conference, a workshop or a reunion of sorts is a challenge. But it’s also a great opportunity to stand out in a crowd and to build your reputation, given that you are surrounded by experts, visitors and professionals.

Collaborating with ECOSPHERE will give you the unique opportunity to present a subject that speaks to you. Our team will work with you to ensure that your experience will be unforgettably positive.

Here is a list illustrating a couple points which define the benefits of presenting a subject at ECOSPHERE:

1-An enhanced exposure:

You will present a subject in front of a public audience which is interested, if not passionate, about the environment and about environmental matters. In addition, the audience is made up of conscientious consumers who are excited to learn about ways in which to change habits so as to create a healthier future for our families and for our loved ones.

2-Collaboration with experts in your field:

When you invest your energy into a Fair, you will see that collaboration, cooperation and encouragement are important ways in which keynote speakers work together. You will rub shoulders with experts who have spent years studying the environment, with communications and marketing agents, as well as experts who have specialized themselves working on projects related to eco-housing, ecological construction, alternative ressources and sustainable development. By exchanging business cards at cocktails and other events, you will have the chance to meet experts who will encourage you as you continue your career path.

3-The Fair, a source of unlimited options and a source of inspiration:

The Fair is a source of unlimited projects. Here. we bandy about new ideas, we invest ourselves in new projects, and we look for effective solutions to current environmental matters. Come say “hi” to learn more about us!