Five reasons to present a conference at ECOSPHERE

ECOSPHERE is not only an annual environmental event where exhibitors gather together.Indeed, it is also a place for professional speakers to get together and to raise awareness, talking to the general public about environmental issues and providing solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. Thanks to the interest aroused by keynote speakers, the reputation of ECOSPHERE is now made.

If you remain unconvinced to present your professional take on environmental matters, here are a few reasons to change your mind.

a-Importance of the event
This is quite simply the largest environmental gathering in Quebec. As such, come help change people’s lifestyles so that we may guarantee a better and more comfortable future for our children and our grand-children.

b-A diversified public

Children, young adults, the middle-aged and seniors are all key visitors to our fairs. Some are very knowledgeable about environmental matters, whereas others are not. We attract people from all walks of life who want to participate in creating a more ecological future.

c-More than 20,000 converted people
The majority of the fair’s visitors are conscientious consumers who are already converted and devoted to the environmental cause. You will present your findings to 5,000 additional people who will listen to you to learn more about your subject.

d-An incredible source of visibility for you

Our visibility plan is complete and allows you to be introduced to tens of thousands of people who are interested in your subject of expertise. You will gain visibility thanks to a constant presence on diverse media outlets including print, web and radio. Between 30,000 and 50,000 colorful programs are inserted in weekly publications in order to guarantee you a better visibility with our readers.

d-An organization which has proven itself for over 13 years
Glowing comments on the organizational nature of the event made by exhibitors, speakers and visitors speak volumes about our ability to provide an annual, unparalleled event set in a festive ambiance that is relaxing and exciting.