ECOSPHERE is recognized as the number one event in Quebec with more than 130 exhibitors and 30 conferences in 4 cities. Our goal is to bring together a number of stakeholders in the domains of environmental sustainability and development in order to educate the general public about new methods and products which we can acquire so as to alter our lifestyles, thinking about the future.

Since 2006, people of many diverse talents work hand-in-hand to plan and set up fairs that shed light on environmental issues and solutions, ecological construction projects and green housing. ECOSPHERE was founded by Dominique LaRoche, Patricia Kelly and Éric Ferland. Thanks to their talent and motivation, to the dynamic team and to the large group of volunteers, ECOSPHERE continues to grow each year.

Our team

Eric Ferland, General Director and founding member

Former Green Party leader of Quebec, Eric supported and contributed to the festival Festiv’Art de Frelighsburg (attracting 24 000 visitors in two days), as well as actively supporting the artistic exhibition of Pierre Gauvreau and Janine Carreau at the art centre of Frelighsburg. Municipal councillor of Frelighsburg for a period of 12 years, he successfully set up a recycling infrastructure, collaborated on forest industry regulation, and furthered a site planning and and architectural integration programme. Founding member of AmiEs de la terre de Brome-Missisquoi and of the Marché de solidarité régionale de Cowansville (, Éric has been applauded as the “Eco All Star” by Harrowsmith Countrylife in 2008, a country life magazine. He ran as a NDP candidate at the 2019 Federal elections.

The boards of directors

France Levert: President

Mrs. Levert is an expert in the domain of the environment and of sustainable development. She received a degree business management and a Master’s in urban planning. While pursuing her doctoral studies, she became interested in factors influencing businesses making environmental decisions and adopting healthy lifestyles.

She took on many duties at Hydro-Québec as manager and as an expert in the field of the environment, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable communities.

She collaborates with several organizations as: CA Vice-President of the Network of Women in the Environment, VP of CA, Quebec Network of Environmental Groups, chairs the Sustainable Development Committee of the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec and member of Coalition Climat Montreal.

Simon Boudreau: Vice-President

General Manager of 3R Quebec Inc
Sits on the boards of the following organizations:
Admin. SACO, Admin. RCCG, Admin. 121 trésors, Admin. CSÉE and Membre Optimiste div. Gatineau.

Brigitte Blais: Treasurer

Brigitte Blais has been working at the Estrie Regional Environmental Council since the spring of 2018 as a consultant in communications and greenhouse gas management. She has been working in this field since the mid-1990s, but also in file analysis and report writing, notably at the Régie de l’énergie where she represented the AQLPA. In 2017, she completed a graduate training course in Sustainable Carbon Management (UQAC). Ms. Blais has been a member of the ÉCOSPHÈRE Group’s Board of Directors since 2016 and lives in Magog.

Aubert Michaud: Administrator

Researcher in soil and water conservation at Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement (IRDA), Aubert works with his team to describe surface water contamination processes in the agricultural environment and to find effective tools to find solutions to these problems. Aubert monitors stream movement, studies geomatics, analyses remote sensing  and hydrologic modeling.

Geneviève Carrier: Administrator

Geneviève Carrier is executive director of the non-profit organization Enviro Éduc-Action. This Gatineau-based social economy enterprise aims to educate and support individual and collective citizens of the Outaouais in their eco-citizen turns. The organization specializes in environmental and eco-citizenship education, advisory services and the management of environmentally responsible events, as well as the management of environmental awareness projects. Present in Gatineau since 2005, Enviro Éduc-Action is proud to be part of the ECOSPHERE Fairs team!

Selma Vorobief: Administrator

Selma Vorobief is a participatory evaluation consultant. She is trained in marketing, program evaluation and corporate social responsibility. Of a very curious nature, she continues her continuing education by participating in various webinars, conferences and training on subjects related to socio-ecological transition.
As a citizen involved in the transition, Selma is involved in several organizations, including the Network of Women in the Environment, Solon collectif and the Thematic Commission on the Environment and Energy of Québec solidaire. She is also a member of the Coalition Climat Montreal, the Coalition Eau Secours, Équiterre and the Association Québécoise Zéro Déchet.
She joined the ECOSPHERE Board of Directors, because the mission of this organization calls upon her to inform the general public of various environmental issues and propose eco-responsible solutions.

Hélène Boissonneault: Administrator

Hélène Boissonneault is the co-founder of Effet PH, a company whose mission is to inspire people to gradually adopt a minimalist, more responsible and balanced lifestyle. After having worked for 26 years in the field of early childhood, she now devotes herself to the world of eco-responsibility and “slow living”.

Author and speaker, Hélène communicates her passion for minimalism, decluttering, “slow life” and eco-responsibility to children, adolescents and adults. Specializing in behavioral changes in children, she transfers her skills to changes in human behavior in general. Dynamic communicator and excellent popularizer, she wants to help people make changes to their lifestyle so that it is healthier.

Involved in her community, she is currently administrator of the CA of the Network of Women in the Environment and of the ECOSPHERE Fairs.

Sorin Paul Ionescu : Administor

Sorin holds a Master in Software Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal and has a background in artificial intelligence. A social activist, he believes that love is the most powerful engine in the pursuit of alleviating suffering, and he strives to create bridges and partnerships between social change groups with diverse approaches. He is a co-founder of Vegan Option Canada and an active member of OPIS and the Algosphere Alliance.