ECOSPHERE Canada is recognized as the number one event in Quebec with over 200 exhibitors and 40 conferences. Our goal is to bring together a number of stakeholders in the domains of environmental sustainability and development in order to educate the general public about new methods and products which we can acquire so as to alter our lifestyles, thinking about the future.

Since 2006, people of many diverse talents work hand-in-hand to plan and set up fairs that shed light on environmental issues and solutions, ecological construction projects and green housing. ECOSPHERE Canada was founded by Dominique LaRoche, Patricia Kelly and Éric Ferland. Thanks to their talent and motivation, to the dynamic team and to the large group of volunteers, ECOSPHERE Canada continues to grow each year.

Our team

Éric Ferland, General Director and founding member:

Former Green Party leader, Éric supported and contributed to the festival Festiv’Art de Frelighsburg (attracting 24 000 visitors in two days), as well as actively supporting the artistic exhibition of Pierre Gauvreau and Janine Carreau at the art centre of Frelighsburg. Municipal councillor of Frelighsburg for a period of 12 years, he successfully set up a recycling infrastructure, collaborated on forest industry regulation, and furthered a site planning and and architectural integration programme. Founding member of AmiEs de la terre de Brome-Missisquoi and of the Marché de solidarité régionale de Cowansville (, Éric has been applauded as the “Eco All Star” by Harrowsmith Countrylife in 2008, a country life magazine.

Marie Guérette, coordination and business development:

Marie Guérette is the coordinator of ECOSPHERE Canada. Formerly at the direction of brands in sport fashion, she led sales, fashion design and production teams. Her healthy and natural lifestyle leads her to live in the countryside, to militate for the environment and to collaborate on a project of healthy and ecological houses. She fights tirelessly to find solutions to health-related issues brought on by technological impact. Prior to her current employment, Marie worked in the clothing and fashion industry and helped pioneer the sustainable clothing movement.

Olivia Ranger-Enns, communications:

Olivia Ranger-Enns is passionate about the world of communication, marketing and environmental durability. Working as a reporter covering artistic and sports-related events in the Eastern Townships for ten years, Olivia received her diploma in journalism from Concordia University in 2015 before investing herself in the world of marketing. Olivia is the communications agent at ECOSPHERE Canada.

The boards of directors

France Levert : President

Mrs. Levert is an expert in the domain of the environment and of sustainable development. She received a degree business management and a Master’s in urban planning. While pursuing her doctoral studies, she became interested in factors influencing businesses making environmental decisions and adopting healthy lifestyles.

She took on many duties at Hydro-Québec as manager and as an expert in the field of the environment, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable communities.

She is the President of the Women’s Environment Network, the Comité consultatif du Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables, as well as of the Conseil d’administration du Fonds d’action québécois pour le développement durable.

Aubert Michaud : Vice-President

Researcher in soil and water conservation at Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement (IRDA), Aubert works with his team to describe surface water contamination processes in the agricultural environment and to find effective tools to find solutions to these problems. Aubert monitors stream movement, studies geomatics, analyses remote sensing  and hydrologic modeling.

Andréanne Larouche : Secretary

Born and bred in the beautiful Brome-Missisquoi region, Andréanne has always been passionate about the environment.  After pursuing studies in journalism and politics, before upstarting a career in communications, Andréanne landed a job working with the deputy of Brome-Missisquoi, Christian Ouellet, who was a spokesperson for the Bloc Québécois when bringing up environmental issues. Ouellet was also the deputy spokesperson in environmental matters.

Jaime Lerakis – Treasurer

Jaime is a notary, an entrepreneur in financial services, and an expert in responsible investment.

Benoît Ouellette : Administrator

Proud volunteer for over 7 years, Benoît is now a member of our team. Concerned about the environment and the human impact upon the world, he is always discovering new technologies that will help us adopt lifestyles that support sustainable development!

Brigitte Blais – Administrator

Brigitte is an advisor in low-carbon projects at C. Terre-à-Terre and is an analyst working for SÉ-AQLPA for the Régie de l’énergie.

Farida Sam – Administrator

Farida is an engineer and member of the Association technique pour l’industrie de la mécanique du bâtiment and of Énergie Solaire Québec (ESQ).

Selma Vorobief-Administrator and professional consultant

Claude Trépanier-Administrator

Working at Habitat Multi Générations, Claude is a professional who organizes and develops real estate projects, where people can buy homes at a reasonable cost near large urban centers, which allows them to live in the countryside and to revitalize rural municipalities.