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Emmanuel Alfred Ngue
Emmanuel Alfred Ngue

Emmanuel Alfred Ngue

Position: Administrator

IA professional engineer with a passion for renewable energies, Emmanuel has been involved for several years in the maintenance and “good health” of hydroelectric plants across North America. He defines himself as a fervent defender of nature, sustainable development and especially the right to a decent life for all.

With a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Renewable Energy Concentration) from Polytechnique Montreal, Emmanuel is also passionate about sharing knowledge and firmly believes that education and awareness, starting with the youngest, are the most effective levers for a more responsible and conscious world. He is the founder of the tutoring and mentoring group “Tutorat GGEM Inc” specialized in science and engineering for students from High School to University across Quebec.

In addition to his social involvement, Emmanuel has other strings to his bow and can also be consulted on issues of green economy, energy management or small hydroelectricity.

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