Pascale Bussière

Pascale Bussières, the famous French Canadian actress, has wowed audiences for years. Landing roles in films such as Blanche and Eldorado. She went on to receive the 2004 Best Actress Prix Jutra and Genie award for her unique interpretation of Quebec singing star Alys Robi in Bittersweet Memories.

On TV shows, she has amazed us with an appearance on En thérapie, Les bobos et Complexe G.

Pascale Bussières will be an ardent spokesperson, advocating for environmental awareness as a Quebecois actress who has captured the attention of her audience.

“Having been the spokesperson of the Fair’s first edition in Brome, I am pleased to be back working with ECOSPHERE, a non-profit organization that has stood out in the domains of the environment and of sustainable development over the last 13 years.

ECOSPHERE has grown a lot over the last years and the events which now take place in all four corners of Quebec prove that people are curious and attentive to environmental matters raised by the Fair.

We are lucky to be leaders in certain fields such as new sustainable technologies, organic permaculture, eco-friendly housing, alternative health care, and social economy. The sustainable development movement has become an absolute necessity for the environmental future of the globe. We must collectively follow this growing momentum.

Let’s use our intelligence, our passion and our creativity to help our so fragile environment. Our future is there.”

-Pascale Bussières

Sabine Karsenti


“How far we lead our good ecological intentions in a new building or a residential expansion?”

Sabine Karsenti is an actress since the age of 12. From Montreal to Los Angeles, she starred in film and television in both French and English. She is a graduate of Lee Strasberg (Institute of Acting / L.A. & New York) and Stella Adler (Conservatory of Acting / L.A. & New York).

We live in the era of recovery, sustainable development and organic foods. But how far can we carry our good ecological intentions in a new building or a residential expansion?

Sabine Karsenti will host a series of episodes on building Ecologia Montreal to be aired on

Ecologia Montreal is a healthy and environmentally friendly home in Montreal to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Wherever possible, all materials will be local, ecological or low-emission, minimizing their environmental footprint.

Cinema, Sabine has worked with big names. She played the role of Chrissie alongside John Travolta in Battlefield Earth (Warner Bros.). She has held several leading roles, including The Favourite Game, Musketeers Forever, Hello and Timothy, shot in New Zealand.

Still on the American side, but this time on the small screen, she also landed leading roles. She embodied Deane Mitchell in Time Bomb, starring David Arquette; Shelly Webster in the series The Crow – Stairway to Heaven (Universal); Kendra in The Perfect Marriage; Nancy in Dead Zone (US Network) and Rebecca in ‘Til Lies Do Us Part (Real One Entertainment). In Quebec, Sabine was part of several productions including Jasmine, Watatatow, Virginia, The Bougons, 7th round and Providence, to name a few. Since 2012, she is a columnist for MCBG on architecture, real estate and design.

On the big screen, she got roles in feature films such as July 1, Exquisite Corpse, The Three Little Pigs and The City of the director Kim Nguyen in which she plays Malika alongside Claude Legault and Jean-Marc Barr.

In May 2010, Sabine has published her first book, The Demons of Los Angeles, in which she tells her story of a young actress trying to break into Hollywood.

Always ready to face new challenges, this accomplished woman charms us every time.