Thank you for coming to the arrival section 30 minutes before your conference is set to begin. We will give you a personalized roundel and will accompany you to the location of your conference.

If you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible and bear in mind that your activity will be shortened. The schedule will remain the same for the next speakers.

Equipment & Preparation

For your comfort and for that of the audience’s, we will provide you with a micro-headset, an HD 46-inch screen and a PC computer. Please make sure to bring your USB key. We have on-site techniciens to help you set up your conference.

There will also be a pitcher of water and a glass.

You may get ready for your conference during the last 15 minutes of the previous conference.

Please note that all conferences last 40 minutes and there are 10 minutes for questions.


For every conference tent, an assistant will be there to help you set up, to keep an eye on the time and to answer all your questions.

You may contact the administration during the weekend by telephone at (450) 538-5005 or by email at

Please note that your event will take place no matter what the circumstances, rain or shine.


Thank you for sharing your participation with us on your website site and on social media!

We look forward to working with you and sharing a rewarding experience!