Panel on the expansion of the Quebec City Port-Saturday, June 2 at 4:00 p.m.

Come listen to a panel on the expansion of the Quebec City Port.

Panel members include Véronique Lalande, Christian Simard et Pierre-Paul Sénéchal.

Pierre-Paul Sénéchal, President of Groupe d’initiatives et de recherche appliquées au milieu (GIRAM)

Pierre-Paul Sénéchal has worked at the heart of a number of Quebec Ministry organizations and has also been an active member of committees dedicated to urban life and the environment in the municipal field. He has also been the President of la Société nationale des Québécois et Québécoises de Chaudière-Appalaches. Today, Mr. Sénéchal is member of the Groupe d’initiatives et de recherches appliquées au milieu (GIRAM), one of the leading organizations fighting the Rabaska project in Lévis. Mr. Sénéchal has been the President of this organization for the past four years.

Véronique Lalande, Initiative citoyenne de vigilance du Port de Québec

With her partner, Louis Duchesne, Véronique Lalande founded the Initiative citoyenne de vigilance du Port de Québec, which brings together citizens to seek to diffuse information on the environmental impacts incurred by industrial activity at the Quebec City Port. The initiative works to reduce the aforementioned impacts in order to guarantee people a healthier urban lifestyle.
Christian Simard, President of Nature Québec
Since 2007, Christian Simard is the General Director of Nature Québec, one of the most important environmental movements in Quebec. He is at the heart of numerous coalitions: Pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine!, Coalition Saint-Lauren, the movement Sortons le Québec du nucléaire, SOS mont Hereford and aujourd’hui, SOS port de Québec, a movement which actively fights the Beauport 2020 project and which requests a cleaning up of the current installations at the Port of Quebec City.

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