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Chantal Parent Herboriste Thérapeute

Chantal Parent is one of the rare (48) herbalist-therapists accredited in Quebec! She puts her expertise in medicinal plants at the service of the population through her company, which has 4 components: private consultations, education for the public and for therapists (training, workshops, identification trips and conferences), construction of medicinal gardens and therapeutic products: a traditional range in herbalism and one in aromatherapy ready to use. Ms. Parent is also trained from the Scientific Aromatherapy Institute.

Eco Loco

Eco Loco is a eco-friendly shop in which we choose articles that are useful in everyday life and have a low ecological footprint. All the clothes and accessories offered have the same intention: to accompany you in a more sustainable choice!

Environize Québec

An all-natural antibacterial/antimicrobial solution that effectively controls a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens EnviroNize® Anolyte solutions are an environmentally conscious approach to meet today’s growing consumer demands. EnviroNize® Anolyte is a clinically proven technology 100 times more effective than cleaning with bleach and KILLS GREATER THAN 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, germs and more harmful pathogens. A FRESH CLEAN VEHICLE is what the EnviroNize® Anolyte treatment provides vehicles that are either leased, rented or owned. Keeping your vehicle disinfected and sanitize reduces driver and passengers from coming in contact with harmful pathogens that lurk everywhere!

ILO Apothicaire Végétale

Ilo Apothicaire Végétale was born out of a desire to simplify, ritualize and guarantee healthy and meaningful products for the face, body, emotions and spirit. In 2017, following the sale of my alternative health clinic, I embark on a new adventure; that of body care products. However, I wanted to find a new concept. Something that looked like me and that wasn’t known on the market yet. My baggage of therapist came to fill this lack and to give direction to my choice. ILO: Precious, illuminating and pure oil in Malagasy (Madagascar). The Vegetable Apothecary is the link of the two lands: Madagascar, my birth land and Quebec, my host land.