List of exhibitors in Virtuelle


We are a non-profit organization based in Montreal that offers online courses eligible for financial assistance from the Ministry of Education; Starting a business (AVS) with these two specialties : - eco-business and organic farming on a small surface (organic micro-farm). We also offer Professional Sales (DVS) as well as other online courses. Our trainers have extensive experience in eco-enterprise business development, food processing of healthy products, and operation of organic micro-farms.

Annie Caron cuisine santé

YOUR HEALTHY COOKING SCHOOL IN QUEBEC! Annie Caron offers healthy cooking classes tailored to your needs. Vegetarian and vegan specialty, living food and gluten free. The Annie Caron Culinary Academy's mission is: to help you maximize the nutritional value of your plate; share with you tips to simplify the planning and realization of your meals; to make you discover original ideas for the pleasure of your eyes and your taste buds. Company speaker for 8 years. Author of the book "Vive le flexitarisme '' Recipient of the 2019-2020 health chef title in Quebec awarded by the SSCPQ.

Eco Loco

Eco Loco is a eco-friendly shop in which we choose articles that are useful in everyday life and have a low ecological footprint. All the clothes and accessories offered have the same intention: to accompany you in a more sustainable choice!


Elmec, the technology behind the expertise For over 25 years, Elmec has always been in the electromechanical industry. Elmec wants to be a leader in the Electrical Vehicle Charging System industry for the residential, commercial and industrial segments. Elmec has already developed and is currently manufacturing the well known EVDuty Charging Station.

Hazelle Chocolat Noir Inc.

Hazelle Chocolat Noir offers bean to bar vegan and smooth chocolate. Fresh fine chocolates, mini bars stuffed with hazelnut praline and bars are handcrafted in limited quantities. Sold separately or all combine in the same package, the experience is without comparison. Free of dairy products, lecithin, soy, eggs and gluten; several people can rediscover chocolate. The cacao is organic, wild and direct trade from Ecuadorian farm. In house roast cacao is combine with pure Quebec maple sugar to fully enrich the flavor. Give yourself the luxury to stop time with Hazelle Chocolat Noir, and offer your friends and family the same delight!

Incinération Toilette

Incineration Toilet is a division of Biome-Canada, a ready-to-camp pioneer since 2005 in Canada. Since its inception, Biome has been looking for a sanitary solution not connected to infrastructure for its customers who rely on remote facilities. Not convinced of the efficiency and ease of use of composting toilets in the accommodation world, the company discovered Cinderella incineration toilets. Cinderella, it is 20 years of Norwegian expertise that have made it possible to develop the best incineration toilet on the market. Simple, efficient, ecological and hygienic, it does not require any connection and only ashes remain. The electric and propane versions are currently available.


- Computer repair - Sale of upgraded computers - Home service - Internet, telephone, television and cell phone service - Sale of upgraded tablets and cellphones - Computer and electronic device recovery

NousRire – Groupe d’achat d’aliments biologiques et écoresponsables

NousRire takes great pleasure in offering organic, eco-friendly, ethical and affordable foods to help drive the transition towards healthy and sustainable ecosystems. Our name is a French pun on “nous” (we) and “rire” (to laugh), which combine to say “nourrir” (to feed). Based in Montreal, NousRire delivers to 19 local pickup points across Quebec. On the purchase group’s website, you can order wholesome ingredients for your pantry such as flour, grains, legumes, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, fair-trade coffee, locally-grown products and much more! The pickup process is simple : just choose a time slot and location near you. We encourage participants to volunteer with us to enjoy a festive, welcoming experience and receive a discount on their next order!


Oxfam-Québec is a dynamic organisation of dedicated people working together for a world without poverty. People are front and centre in all of their activities. Oxfam-Québec carry out development projects, they work to save lives through the delivery of emergency humanitarian assistance, they raise funds to help people and communities in the South, they campaign for lasting change, and they rally the youth of Québec to take action.

Pots Maison

Pots Maison is a caterer specialized in healthy, vegan and zero waste. It's easy to eat better with us. Every week, freshly prepared meals are delivered in reusable glass jars. Everything is done in our kitchen : family meals, individual portions for lunch, breakfast, snacks and desserts. Order online on