List of exhibitors in Québec

ILO Apothicaire Végétale

Ilo Apothicaire Végétale was born out of a desire to simplify, ritualize and guarantee healthy and meaningful products for the face, body, emotions and spirit. In 2017, following the sale of my alternative health clinic, I embark on a new adventure; that of body care products. However, I wanted to find a new concept. Something that looked like me and that wasn’t known on the market yet. My baggage of therapist came to fill this lack and to give direction to my choice. ILO: Precious, illuminating and pure oil in Malagasy (Madagascar). The Vegetable Apothecary is the link of the two lands: Madagascar, my birth land and Quebec, my host land.

Mes Trésors sur la Plage

Mes Trésors sur la Plage is a tribute to the marine estuary of the St. Lawrence River. It is the work of artist Amélie Loyer. In love with the Côte-Nord region and its whales, she likes to stroll on its beaches. During a stay, she noticed an accumulation of fragments of blue mussels shells in a streak of sea. Like raw precious stones, she brought them home, determined to highlight them. This is how her jewelry collection was born. Artist, she paints the infinite horizons of the river, its low tides and its mysterious abysses. Her paintings evoke the impetuosity of the sea and the human soul. Since 2019, Mes Trésors sur la Plage has proudly donated 5% of its sales to GREMM, a non-profit organization for Research and Education on Marine Mammals based in Tadoussac.


Saveurs & Seasonings, since 1999, is a company specialized in the manufacturing and processing of seasoned oil, with health products. This name is inspired by the products we can create with this one. This choice indicates our intention to make healthy food. In the food sector, it is important to offer quality food. Flavors & seasonings are given the mission of offering innovative products and service. Building on the expertise we have acquired over the years, we are able to listen to your needs. We can assure you that our firm intention is to respond precisely to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Taille & Retailles, couture créative et écologique

Taille & Retailles is dedicated to create original and ecoresponsible textile products. Whether you are looking for products to help you along your Zero Waste transition, such as snack bags, bulk bags or bowl covers; articles made from fabric remnants; or to have custom project designed and produced, you will always find a large variety of quality-made textile products, made by hand, in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc.

Thermographie GG

We show you what you don't see Thermography can target energy losses to save your money and preserve the health of our planet.   Thermography by infrared camera illustrates the temperature differences.   Thermography allows repairs at lower cost and fire prevention by detecting overheating of electrical components.