List of exhibitors categorized in Ecological Agriculture in Québec

Coopérative La mauve

Members of the team at La Mauve work to develop the local region by selling local and organic products. We distribute baskets at 15 sale points, an excellent way to find clients who are interested in local and high-quality products. There are a number of baskets filled with a variety of products from 40 ecological faarms. You can find certified organic vegetables, local meat and a number of products including cheese, sausage, flour, honey, and more. All of our baskets get a personal touch. Check out our website:

Les Urbainculteurs

A nourishing, green city that is productive and agreeable to live in: that is the vision that Les Urbainculteurs holds dear! We have been working to develop cities and to make them greener for 10 years. Situated in the region of Quebec, we have been teaming up since 2009 with other like-minded members to develop an ecological, accessible and urban-sensitive type of agriculture. We believe that cities can be green and can adapt to changing times. We have presented our clients with microbreweries that grow their own food and have worked on business roofs and public spaces. Our mission is to promote urban agriculture and gardening. We can improve our lifestyle and our living conditions, one garden at a time, by choosing bio-diversity and local, fresh and healthy products.

Martin Boisvert (Néo-Terra)

I offer trainings and conferences on the small breeding of chickens at home, prioritizing animal welfare and permaculture as a background option . In addition to teaching people the best practices of the field, I will show them how to generate abundance at the scale of their property by highlighting the natural behaviors of chickens.