List of exhibitors categorized in Art and craftsman in Montréal

Claude Chartrand

Craftsman in the woods (driftwood), it looks like a fairy tale, I had to take steps to improve my health, so one morning I went for a walk on the edge of the river and I picked up a piece of wood that I handled in my hands. I noticed he had a special shape so I took him home. From morning to morning I picked up more and one day I found that I had a very large amount of all formats. Looking at all this wood a click was made and I combined pieces together to make my first object out of wood. I realized the potential of what I had in my hand. Today I travel by truck to collect wood, metals, stones and more.

Francine Legault

Francine Legault

"This is my bag" is a craft product made of recycled materials. Each bag is unique and reversible.

Idées M

We are two professionals working in the domains of health and education. During our free time, we love to admire nature. What began as a past-time has become a second nature for us. Our expertise has grown over the years, thanks to the encouragement of our friends, our family and our followers on Facebook and Instagram. Travels, the sea and the desert are recurrent themes in our creations, where we create new artistic combinations made of organic materials. 75% of all of our creations are made of organic or recycled material. We respect our environment and we seek to highlight the ways in which objects can be reused for new purposes and projects.

La Boite Crânienne

The Cranial Box is a box of original scientific activities for young people from 8 to 12 years old. Each semester, we will discover the scientific concepts behind an exciting theme. The Boîte Crânienne includes a high-quality magazine featuring articles, an exclusive comic strip, the steps to succeed at least 5 scientific experiments and articles to learn more, and the list continues. It also contains all the material to carry out the experiments and an instrument to constitute one's own laboratory. The Cranial Box will be distributed by subscription. Watch out for our crowdfunding campaign of August 11th!

Yohan Chiasson

I am an artisan cutler. My parts are made from 100% recovered materials. I use subtraction techniques (not forged) of steel with abrasive tools. I concentrate my work on small kitchen knives, cheese knives and small personal knives.