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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors in Montreal fair

Copps & casami inc

Jacqueline Samaniego design is a company that presents the design of clothing useful and practical for the women.

Énergie Solaire Québec

Énergie Solaire Québec is the only independent non-profit organization to promote renewable energies in Quebec since 1983. By assuming the role of intermediary between the consumer / public user and corporate actors, ÉSQ's primary mission is to inform, to educate and make all Quebecers aware of the optimal use of energy resources and to promote the emergence in Quebec of the green energy sector.

Le renard noir

Le Renard noir is a start-up entreprise that specializes in artisan soap-making. Our soaps are totally luxurious and flamboyants, but are also naturally handmade and healthy for the skin and for the planet. Our primary ingredient is an organic sunflower oil locally grown in Quebec, and we subscribe to the zero-waste philosophy. Our body soaps, skin care and bath products (bath bombs, shampoo bars, solid moisturizers and lip balms) are carefully and beautifully displayed as we affer our customers vaieties of gift sets made with recycled objects. For us, it is a point of honor to offer our customers inviting and edible-like products, either for their everyday skin care, or for any occasion as a gift, without being overpriced and always eco-friendly.

LOJIQ -Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec

LOJIQ – The International Youth Offices of Quebec, a government agency, is the group of international youth mobility organizations. It makes it possible to open up the world to young adults, to generate opportunities for the emergence of their talent and to offer one of the best resources for youth mobility on a global scale. LOJIQ's mission is to promote the professional and personal development of young Quebec adults, aged 18 to 35, by allowing them to carry out a project involving mobility in Quebec, Canada or internationally.


Novagrow offers indoor gardens for growing 25 varieties of herbs and sprouts at home. From basil to cilantro to sunflower, these little wonders will add taste, color and texture to everyday dishes. Designed and assembled in Montreal, these pretty gardens guarantee fresh plants every time thanks to their automatic LED lighting and autonomous irrigation system. No need to think about turning off or turning on the lights, just fill the water tank once a week. In addition, sprouts are grown on natural and compostable fiber mats and all the seeds offered are organic.


THE name FOR BULK ORGANIC NATURAL COSMETICS HANDMADE IN CANADA Since 2015, RoseCitron has been a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics. We handmade natural and vegan eco-friendly cosmetics that are healthy for you… and for the planet. Our products are made with love and – whenever possible – with ingredients sourced from organic, equitable and humane farming. Each and every day, we’re helping to build a better world while contributing to your well-being with cosmetics that are effective, easy-to-use and affordable!

Santé Canada

The environment, including our home environment, has a significant impact on a person's health. Health Canada's Environmental Health Program works to protect the health of Canadians from hazards associated with the environment. Our mission is to inform and protect you about health risks related to: products, substances and the environment.Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances.

Solutions Otonomi

Otonomi Solutions builds software solutions dedicated to photovoltaic professionals in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of their customers' off grid solar projects. With 15 years of expertise in green energy, Otonomi Solutions supports all solar professionals - installers, electricians, resellers or distributors – if you are interested in solar energy self-sufficiency, come visit us on our boot F51 and let’s exchange together on the best practices and software solutions for off-grid solar projects.

Une Carte à la Fois

Everyone will need a few greeting cards over the course of a year. Birthday, Shower, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day etc. Plus, our cards are made from 100% recycled paper and are plantable. Inside the paper are wildflower or herb seeds. So once the person has read the card, they can plant it and a pretty bouquet of wildflowers will come to grow.

Ville de Montréal

By signing the Advancing Towards Zero Waste declaration as part of the C40 Cities, Montreal has committed to moving towards zero waste by 2030. The City is working to divert waste materials from landfill through source reduction , reuse, recycling and recovery of these. To achieve this, it has adopted a 2020-2025 Residual Materials Management Master Plan (PDGMR) which allows it to implement concrete actions with the aim of providing effective management of the residual materials that are generated annually on its territory.
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