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List of exhibitors
List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors

Vert métal

Vert metal is the only stainless steel living wall manufacturer in the province of Quebec. Founded in 2013 by a biologist and a welder, Vert metal manufactures living wall structures and other horticultural products made out of metal, for indoor and outdoor needs. They realize both residential and commercial projects whether it is standard or custom products.

Une Carte à La Fois

We offer seed paper greeting card and a lot of personalized project on our paper. Our products are made with 100% post consumption paper. We also offer to schools and organisms to sale our card as a fundraiser. It's more than a greeting card... It's a bouquet!

TreO Bamboo

TreO Bamboo is committed to the mission of promoting a zero waste lifestyle which encourages reuse in the daily activities. TreO Bamboo offers the eco-friendly products such as bamboo straws, utensils, coconut bowls... This biodegradable material helps reduce our footprints.

Thermographie GG

We show you what you don't see Thermography can target energy losses to save your money and preserve the health of our planet.   Thermography by infrared camera illustrates the temperature differences.   Thermography allows repairs at lower cost and fire prevention by detecting overheating of electrical components.

Thé et Café Tchoumi

Thé et Café Tchoumi sells tea, coffee, herbal teas and natural spices from Cameroon in Quebec. The company exists since 2014 and was created by Fabrice Tchoumi. Fabrice graduated in Electrical Engineering / Avionics from École Polytechnique de Montréal. In 2010 he founded the student association Project PC2 which made him go on a mission to Cameroon twice. On his return from these missions he brought back local tea and coffee to raise funds for the benefit of the association. This is how the idea of his commercial activity was born. Currently Fabrice is employed at SCALIAN in Montreal.

Thé Amo

Thé Amo provides wild infusions made with locally foraged botanicals. All infusions are free of Cafeine and added aromas, Thé Amo enjoys revisiting the classics of tea with a twist! The Foraged botanicals are hand picked with the most respect for nature and the plants sustainability. The locally grown plants are pesticide free and are cared for with homeopathy to insure the plants ultimate health and protection against undesirables. The Chosen spices are oranic and fair trade. Each flavour is carefully balanced and is designed to provide the consumer with a tasty experience that is also relaxing and healthy. Thé Amo is Locally made in Granby and encourages the local economie.

Tank drum earth

hello my name is Jonathan, I make musical instruments made from entirely recycled materials (obsolete propane bottles) several ranges available, all very easy to tame, ideal for musical awakening for children and beginner adults, 100% Quebecers
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