Thank you for coming to the arrival section 30 minutes before your workshop is to start. We will give you a personalized roundel and will accompany you to the location of your workshop.

If you arrive late, please let us know as soon as possible and bear in mind that your activity will be shortened. The schedule will remain the same for the next facilitators.

Equipment & Preparation

We will provide you with a micro-headset, micro-speakers, a table and about 20 chairs.

There will also be a pitcher of water and a glass for your convenience.

You may get ready for your workshop during the last 15 minutes of the anterior facilitator’s workshop.

When applying, you will be able to indicate for how long the workshop lasts, and you should indicate on the registration form the required timeframe (45 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc) to run your workshop. After your workshop, please leave the space allotted to you the way you found it, in order to respect the next facilitator and his/her needs.


There will be an assistant who will be there to help you set up your workshop, to keep an eye on the time and to answer your questions.

You may always communicate with the administration during the weekend by telephone at (450) 538-5005 or by e-mail at .

Please note that workshops will take place, rain or shine.

Fees for participants

You will be able to charge a fee for the workshop, especially if you run some expenses for materials the participants will bring back with them.


Thank you for indicating your participation with us on your website and on social media!

We look forward to enjoying this experience together!

The ECOSPHERE Canada team