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Thé Amo
Thé Amo
Thé Amo provides wild infusions made with locally foraged botanicals. All infusions are free of Cafeine and added aromas, Thé Amo enjoys revisiting the classics of tea with a twist! The Foraged botanicals are hand picked with the most respect for nature and the plants sustainability. The locally grown plants are pesticide free and are cared for with homeopathy to insure the plants ultimate health and protection against undesirables. The Chosen spices are oranic and fair trade. Each flavour is carefully balanced and is designed to provide the consumer with a tasty experience that is also relaxing and healthy. Thé Amo is Locally made in Granby and encourages the local economie.

Address : 840 impasse du boise
Province : Québec
Email : Rios.elisabeth@gmail.com
Phone : 450 991-3967
Web site : www.etsy.com/ca-fr/shop/TheAmo
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