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Savons Hermosa
Savons Hermosa
Savons Hermosa specializes in the production of soaps and other skincare products made with fresh goat milk. The environmental impact of our production is at the heart of our priorities. We use organic, fair trade, sustainable, and local ingredients, while also prioritizing minimal and compostable packaging, to create superior quality skincare products that support sustainable agriculture and the local economy. We are proud to collaborate with local businesses to ensure the quality of our ingredients and reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation. Every product we create is carefully handcrafted in our small workshop to ensure quality, purity, and efficacy.

Address : 1520, Chemin du 2e rang
City : Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides
Province : Québec
Email : nancy@savonshermosa.ca
Phone : 450-530-8536
Web site : www.savonshermosa.ca
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