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Saatvik Cuisine Végé Inc
Saatvik Cuisine Végé Inc
Supplier of a range of 100% vegan products based on vegetable proteins with flavors from around the world. The products are frozen and made with top quality organic ingredients, without additives and tasty. SAATVIK VEGGIE CUISINE, THESE ARE PRODUCTS: • 100% vegan • Ethnic, high quality and comforting • Tasty – no need to add a condiment • Easy to prepare and incorporate into a meal • Frozen – they keep for a very long time • Available in bulk or vacuum packed • Without preservative • And above all, made with love for your well-being and that of the planet. Tofu Tandoori pancakes, Vegetable and tofu pancakes, Potato pancakes and 3 legumes, Tofu sticks and Vegetable and tofu dumplings.

Address : 1564, rue Denault
City : Sherbrooke
Province : Québec
Email : heemr@saatvikcuisine.com
Phone : 438-341-5059
Web site : saatvikcuisine.com
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