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Regroupement des cuisines collectives de Gatineau
Regroupement des cuisines collectives de Gatineau
Vision Statement We are an innovative and recognized organization serving as a reference to contribute to empowerment, food autonomy, social transformation and healthy eating. Based on the mobilization of partners and volunteers, our actions and interventions contribute to the development of a sustainable food system and to the influence of the community. Mission statement Encourage and support food self-sufficiency and empower individuals and communities through the development and consolidation of collective kitchens and various solidarity initiatives. Values defended and carriers Autonomy Solidarity and inclusion Equity and social justice Democracy and social participation Empathy and dignity

Address : 180 boul. Mont Bleu
City : Gatineau
Province : Québec
Email : cuisinecollective.rccg@gmail.com
Phone : 819-328-6118
Web site : cuisinescollectivesgatineau.ca/
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