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Racines rurales – Coopérative fermière bio
Racines rurales – Coopérative fermière bio
Locavores can finally eat organic and local food all year round with organic baskets from Racines Rurales - Coop fermière bio. Vegetables, fruits, microgreens, eggs, bread and even flower bouquets are available by subscription. Members support small family farmers and a bakery, while eating fresh, local, organic and varied food. Our producers' cooperative was founded by family farmers, who came together to offer a variety of essentials through organic baskets, while sharing human and material resources. This makes it possible to support farmers in their work, to collectively reduce GHG emissions, and strengthens food sovereignty in the Outaouais region.

Address : 1538, Chemin Marcel Dardel
City : Namur
Province : Québec
Email : racinesrurales@gmail.com
Phone : 819 208-8167
Web site : www.racinesrurales.ca/
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