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Permalution is a Sherbrooke-based startup working in fog and cloud water collection technology. We are disrupting the water industry with our technology: The water radar, the fog/cloud collectors and the Fog Atlas. They are the only modules on the market ready to assemble, fireproof and IoT integrated, which can harvest from 150 to 400 L of water per day per unit. We are cheaper than desalination plants, more efficient than rain and safer than groundwater. If fog water can be accessed globally, then we can count on a substantial new solution to address the world's current water access, drought and climate change challenges.

Address : 3000, boulevard de l'Université P1 - ACET.
City : Sherbrooke
Province : Québec
Email : tatiana@permalutiontech.com
Phone : 819 588-7163
Web site : permalutiontech.com/
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