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Miel l’été doré
Miel l’été doré
Miel l'été doré is a beekeeping business in the Eastern Townships that has acquired a great reputation in the processing of bee products. For several years, it has been exploiting the extraordinary properties of honey, propolis, wax and royal jelly to create high-end, natural and beneficial products: honey, winter balm, lip balm, balm and tincture. mother with propolis and pure pollen constitute its arsenal to fight against the rigors of winter (apitherapy). Its 100% beeswax candles, food wrappers, honey candies and artistically decorated cups complete its offer of handmade and unique products.

Address : 670, rang Tout de Joie
City : Woburn
Province : Québec
Email : mielletedore@gmail.com
Phone : 438-868-9727
Web site : www.mielletedore.com/
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