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Mes Trésors sur la Plage
Mes Trésors sur la Plage
Mes Trésors sur la Plage is a tribute to the marine estuary of the St. Lawrence River. It is the work of artist Amélie Loyer. In love with the Côte-Nord region and its whales, she likes to stroll on its beaches. During a stay, she noticed an accumulation of fragments of blue mussels shells in a streak of sea. Like raw precious stones, she brought them home, determined to highlight them. This is how her jewelry collection was born. Artist, she paints the infinite horizons of the river, its low tides and its mysterious abysses. Her paintings evoke the impetuosity of the sea and the human soul. Since 2019, Mes Trésors sur la Plage has proudly donated 5% of its sales to GREMM, a non-profit organization for Research and Education on Marine Mammals based in Tadoussac.

Address : 560, 9e rang
City : Ste-Brigide-d'Iberville
Province : Québec
Email : atelierdelaporterouge@hotmail.com
Phone : (514) 793-2678
Web site : www.mestresorssurlaplage.com
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