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Mamy Kaya, Le Meilleur de la Nature
Mamy Kaya, Le Meilleur de la Nature
Mamy Kaya "The Best of Nature" produces, distributes and markets baobab, hibiscus, moringa and precious oils from Africa like lemon oil, neem oil and many others while building the capacity of the women with whom she collaborates in Senegal and Canada. Mamy Kaya also sells exotic juices and popsicles. The Mamy Kaya Group is a company based on the principles of Sustainable Development, social economy. It promotes natural and organic products rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Women's empowerment issues are important. It holds its values from the mother of its founder, Rokhaya known as "Mamy Kaya" who in the 70s and 80s supported women in agriculture and commerce, and whose company bears the name. Mamy Kaya offers eco-responsible trips to Senegal as a group.

Address : 100, rue des Frênes
City : Pincourt
Province : Québec
Email : ndiallo.aw@mamykaya.com
Phone : 514 688-8698
Web site : mamykaya.com/
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