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KATA éditeur
KATA éditeur
We are the shipwrecked passengers of our own home, planet Earth. Pesticides poison our crops, the oceans threaten to swallow us, fake borders enslave refugees, the number of extinct species rises every day, the air we breathe is slowly killing us... We are at the darkest hour, it's a catastrophe...Should we laugh or cry about it? Why not act! Kata books offers albums and graphic novels that captivate youth from 5 to 14 and informs them about our future, past and present. These books are tools to try to deal with the catastrophes that we live with today and find a path towards a more humane humanity.

Address : 2247, avenue Marcil
City : Montréal
Province : Québec
Email : luca@editionskata.com
Phone : 514-815-9256
Web site : editionskata.com
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