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Incinération Toilette
Incinération Toilette
Incineration Toilet is a division of Biome-Canada, a ready-to-camp pioneer since 2005 in Canada. Since its inception, Biome has been looking for a sanitary solution not connected to infrastructure for its customers who rely on remote facilities. Not convinced of the efficiency and ease of use of composting toilets in the accommodation world, the company discovered Cinderella incineration toilets. Cinderella, it is 20 years of Norwegian expertise that have made it possible to develop the best incineration toilet on the market. Simple, efficient, ecological and hygienic, it does not require any connection and only ashes remain. The electric and propane versions are currently available.

Address : 1270 rue J.-A. Bombardier
City : Lévis
Province : Québec
Email : hubert@incinerationtoilet.ca
Phone : 581-308-2564
Web site : fr.incinerationtoilet.ca/
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