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Florae Cosmétiques
Florae Cosmétiques
Florae specializes in the manufacture of cosmetics specific to facial care. The implementation of real steps for human health and the preservation of the environment, as well as transparency for consumers are the values that the company advocates. Cosmetics are based on ingredients of natural origin, from organic farming and not synthesized in the laboratory, so these choices help to preserve the quality of the ecosystem (aquatic and terrestrial). Even emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives are natural and no superfluous ingredients are added in our cosmetics. The containers are recyclable and reusable and there is no packaging for our products sold individually.

Address : 2591, rue des Dahlias
City : Sherbrooke
Province : Québec
Email : katia@florae.co
Phone : 819-446-5522
Web site : www.florae.co
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