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Énergie Volthium Inc.
Énergie Volthium Inc.
Biography: Yanni is a graduate in computer science, and has specialized in energy storage solutions for the past few years. Yanni is the founder of the company Volthium Energy Inc. His company specializes in the creation of suitable lithium batteries. the Canadian environment. Conference title: Advantages of LFP batteries for solar storage Conference text: We will highlight all the advantages of LFP lithium batteries for solar storage, and how they stand out compared to conventional batteries. In addition, the challenges that switching to lithium can represent for the installer will be discussed.

Address : 2600, boulevard Ford #100
City : Châteauguay
Province : Québec
Email : yanni.samson@volthium.com
Phone : 514-989-9586
Web site : volthium.com/fr/
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