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Chantal Parent Herboriste Thérapeute
Chantal Parent Herboriste Thérapeute
Chantal Parent is one of the rare (48) herbalist-therapists accredited in Quebec! She puts her expertise in medicinal plants at the service of the population through her company, which has 4 components: private consultations, education for the public and for therapists (training, workshops, identification trips and conferences), construction of medicinal gardens and therapeutic products: a traditional range in herbalism and one in aromatherapy ready to use. Ms. Parent is also trained from the Scientific Aromatherapy Institute.

Address : 16-1050, rue Papineau
City : Sherbrooke
Province : Québec
Email : chantalparentherboriste@gmail.com
Phone : (819) 640-0674
Web site : chantalparentherboriste.com
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