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Carbon Living
Carbon Living
At Carbon Living we create natural energy products based on the C60 molecule to help you transform your life ❤ Because, among other things, it neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals such as electromagnetic waves. C60 is naturally contained in the shungite stone that we use in all our products to increase their benefits. In fact, in 2021, Forbes Magazine called it the anti-aging molecule for the future. Since everything is frequency, energy and vibration, Carbon Living offers you a C60 lifestyle with: - jewelry with different stones and benefits - organic and vegan skin care - teas and herbal teas with medicinal plants and adaptogens - accessories to help you ground yourself and meditate All this with the C60 molecule!

Address : 1294, Rue Laurentide
City : Magog
Province : Québec
Email : val@carbonliving.care
Phone : 418 222-4625
Web site : en.carbonliving.care
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