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Products from the cultivation and processing of hemp Caneve offers you a unique selection of industrial hemp products. Our goal is to restore hemp to its former glory. A champion of sustainable development, this plant deserves to reclaim its place in our lives. Caneve created the 0.3 mark based on the legal THC limit of industrial hemp. Hemp is considered a narcotic when its THC level exceeds 0.3%. But below this limit, it is no longer drugs. Our products: face mask, ropes, strings, soaps, beauty and cosmetics, belts, hemp oil, stockings, cap, backpack, etc. ALL IN HEMP!

Address : 5-3101, boul. Monseigneur-Gauthier
City : Québec
Province : Québec
Email : pat@caneve.ca
Phone : 418 558-9044
Web site :
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