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BRIQUE RECYC is a mobile machine, which can be used directly on the construction site. Its mortar cleaning system without percussion, thanks to diamond blades, is adaptable to different types of bricks and mortar. The machine can clean a brick in less than 4 seconds and make 99.5% of them ready to be reinstalled. This new technology fits perfectly into the perspective of the reuse of construction materials, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and the preservation of the value and authenticity of the brick as an image of the history of the built environment of Montreal. Considering its assets, the BRIQUE RECYC machine becomes a pillar towards the economic and environmental profitability of the deconstruction.

Address : 3729, rue Wellington
City : Verdun
Province : Québec
Email : info@briquerecyc.com
Phone : 514 339-7272
Web site : briquerecyc.com/
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