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Boutique Au fil des saisons…
Boutique Au fil des saisons…
REPLACE "DISPOSABLE" BY "REUSABLE, SUSTAINABLE"? YES, of course, it is possible! Au Fil des Saisons is a Quebec company founded by Marie-Josée Leblanc, its passionate creator. With the objective of creating objects that make life easier for Quebecers while reducing our impact on the environment, Au Fil des Saisons offers practical and ingenious, attractive and quality textile products, all made in Quebec with love! Placemats of all kinds, sandwich or snack pouches, fruit and vegetable and shopping bags, multipurpose wipes, blankets for children and adults that will comfort you, you will find a wide range of washable and durable products made here in Quebec with LOVE. Visit aufildessaisons.net to discover them!

Address : 398, rue Jeannette
City : Laval
Province : Québec
Email : mj.leblanc@aufildessaisons.net
Phone : 514-914-0364
Web site : www.aufildessaisons.net/
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